Radha Mohan Singh says Nitish responsible for price rise in Bihar

Patna, Oct. 20 : Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh on Tuesday took a swipe at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar over rising prices of pulses, saying the latter was responsible for it.

“We had written six letters to the state government regarding the price stabilisation fund, which said that the state government should buy the pulses on increased price, but should provide it at minimal cost to the consumers and the margin would be paid back to them by the Centre,” Singh told reporters here.

“Many of the states sent their proposals and the Centre paid them back, but the Chief Minister of Bihar was in slumber, as he is preparing to bring the Jungle Raj in the state” he added.

Singh also said that ministry of consumer affairs had also written four letters to the state government.

“Other states have opened the retail outlets and are providing pulses at lower prices,” he added.

Singh further said that he got a letter from the state government yesterday, adding that ‘it was for the price of onions not the pulses’.

” Nitish Kumar is solely responsible for the pulse price rise in Bihar,” he added.

Retail tur dal prices continued to rise as on Monday it shot up to Rs. 200 per kilogram despite government’s steps to boost supply and check prices, aggravating consumers’ woes.

Till last week, tur was available at Rs 185 per kg in the retail market.

The prices of pulses have increased unabated in the last few months due to a fall in domestic output by about 2 million tonnes (mt) to 17.20 mt in 2014-15 crop year (July-June) owing to deficient monsoon and unseasonal rains. (ANI)