Lisa Ray says Indians still have incredible fear of cancer

New Delhi, Oct.20 : Canadian actress Lisa Ray, who herself battled cancer for nearly six years, recently spoke about her experience and how the deadly disease is being taken in India.

While promoting awareness of breast cancer, the 43-year-old actress said in India people still associate cancer with death and this is due to poor levels of awareness.

“In India, we still have this incredible fear factor around cancer. You know a lot of people are first of all they hear cancer and think death and that’s not true”, ‘I Can’t Think Straight’ actress said while addressing the media.

She added “Not always not necessary. Not with the kind of treatment we have not with preventive measures with this requires a real concentrated aware kind of program and we cannot do this without press.

Ray also said that there is need for media to take active participation in spreading awareness about the cancer. (ANI)