Protest against Tipu Sultan, based on false propaganda by Britishers

Mr. Mohammed Abdur Raheem Quraishi told to institutions and people who believe that Tipu Sultan was a persecutor of Hindus and converted its population to Islamic faith by force that had this been the truth then the Britishers would have hanged his body at a central place so that Hindus and Christians would have celebrated his end. But Britishers didn’t do such a thing because they knew that people of the state would not believe their false allegations despite their anti-Tipu propaganda. Tipu Sultan was equally popular among Hindus hence desecration of his body would have created anger among public against Britishers.

Mr. Mohammed Abdur Raheem Quraishi President All India Majlis Tameer-e-Millat told that the report which was sent by Beatson an officer of British company to the East India Company stated that as soon as the dead body of Tipu Sultan was taken out from the Fort of Srirangapatnam, thousands of men Hindus and Muslims arrived mourning and Hindu women came lamenting and wailing. He asked had the Tipu Sultan oppressed Hindus why would Hindu women grief the death of Tipu Sultan.

It must be noted that the books written by Britishers against Muslim rulers are based on their divide and rule policy hence unauthentic, he said.

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