Golconda, Charminar to cost more for visitors

Hyderabad: Visitors to the historic Charminar and the Golconda Fort will have to save money during their trips to these monuments as the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has hiked the entry fee three-fold for both domestic and foreign visitors.

The rates were Rs 5 for domestic visitor and Rs 100 for foreign tourists.

Now both Indian and foreign tourists would have to shell out as high as Rs 300 as entry fee at 10 monuments and the amount for filming at these monuments under Categories ‘A’ and ‘B’ has also doubled.

“Filming at ASI monuments will now cost Rs 50,000 a day with Rs 10,000 as refundable security deposit,” said an official, according to report published in Metro India.

The new entry rates would come into force from December, according to archaeological officials, Hyderabad circle.

ASI former regional director (north) K K Mohammed in response to fee hike said, “It is a good move by the ASI as the monuments are seriously short of funds. It will help in restoration of the monuments. I feel the increase in entry fee will also increase respect towards the monuments. It is time ASI also starts ticketing non-ticketed monuments as its helps generate revenue.”

The extra revenue generated would help to preserve these historical monuments.

“This increase has been overdue for a decade and is an important step towards ensuring financial sustainability of the monuments. The extra funds generated can be used to build visitor facilities,” said a conservationist, who sought anonymity.