There should be proper coordination between the Depts: GHMC Commissioner

In Greater Hyderabad the convergence meeting  with various heads of the departments is being held on every month for proper coordination among the departments and deriving very good results and no other city is taking up such meetings and its first of its kind in GHMC, said Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner, GHMC at a workshop for Urban Development Summit held at Hotel Marriot near Tankbund.

The Commissioner said that with the convergence meetings lot of civic and other major related issues are being attended promptly solving the issues on priority for the convenience of the citizens. This meeting is being held on 1st Saturday of every month such type of meetings are also being conducted at Deputy Commissioners level at Circle offices where proper coordination is taking place from the grass root level.

The GHMC is taking up sanitation work i.e., lifting of garbage waste from households, business establishments etc., through auto trolleys duly segregating and even one of the survey undertaken by Government of India has also praised the efforts of GHMC especially in sanitation works.  Apart from this the GHMC is also taking proper care for unemployed youth  providing them with job opportunities providing loans to women through banks for self help groups where around 6891 self help groups are being formed and around Rs. 215 crores loans have been provided to them said the Commissioner, GHMC.

Ms. Harichandana, IAS, Zonal Commissioner, Central and senior officials various States have also spoke on the occasion and explained about the activities of Urban Development at the workshop held today.(NSS)