Women will ensure safer world: Dalai Lama

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama said, “We should respect women as they can ensure promoting deeper human values. Scientists now say women are more sensitive to others’ suffering.

Addressing the inaugural session of National Women’s Parliament here on Friday, Dalai Lama said there are 200 nations on this planet and more women leaders would bring about safer world,” the Buddhist monk observed. “We have to analyse what went wrong in the 20th century. At this very moment, people are killing each other. We cannot remain indifferent to the conflicts in the world because we are all one. We have to think how to create more peaceful 21st century,” he said.

 “Women should develop self-confidence. The perception of women as being weaker should be changed. Work hard with determination and confidence,” Dalai Lama exhorted women. “Now education is key factor to promote and strengthen our basic nature of love, forgiveness, compassion and warm heartedness,” the spiritual leader said. (NSS)