The profession shall retire me, or my body will: Big B

Mumbai: Even at 74, Amitabh Bachchan is in no mood to hang up his boots.

“There is these times, the question raised by many, on why I do not retire and hang my boots up and relax… Thank you… But no thank you,” Amitabh posted on his blog.

“The profession shall retire me, or my body will… Till then one strives each hour, each day.”

He adds: “I do not have the money, the fame the recognition that is assumed… and they were not the consideration for achievement. Who will define achievement… What is it? A peak, a mountain, a specified distance one must conquer?

“Each human may have a concept or design of what they consider to be an achievement. It cannot be normalised. So don’t normalise it for me.”

The veteran actor is one of the most iconic Indian celebrities known worldwide, and the film-going audience in India continues to love him for the ease with which he slips into myriad roles — it “Paa” or “Piku”.

Sharing his views on retirement, Big B said: “Retirement for one is the acceptance of having conquered a peak. But there could be another peak to conquer after having conquered one. Who knows? Retirement is a forced limitation. Some accept and acknowledge it. God bless them.

“Why may anyone suggest that ‘I be blessed’?”

However, as a “flood of activity” consumes most of his time, Big B finds himself in “complete lethargy and desolation”.