Priyanka will be pride of INC- says Shabbir Ali

Hyderabad: Senior Congress Leader and MLC Mohammed Ali Shabbir, hailed the appointment of Priyanka Wadra as AICC General Secretary as a good omen and said it will herald new chapter in the party and national politics. Congratulating Priyanka Wadra on her appointment, he said it was a long felt demand by party workers that she should be involved directly in national building activities through congress party .

She was not a stranger to Indian politics and the stellar contributions of Indian national congress, cherished by her father Rajiv Gandhi and nourished by her Grand mother Indira Gandhi and mother Sonia Gandhi.

He said Priyanka had been already actively engaged in promoting developmental activities in the parliament segments of Rae Bareli ( Sonia Gandhi) and Amethi(Rahul Gandhi).As an icon of young Indian politician and Indian womanhood, Priyanka had also successfully campaigned in several elections for the party.
Shabbir said that he was confident that Priyanka Wadra will go a long way as an invaluable asset like brother Rahul Gandhi in nation building activities, like empowerment of Women and uplifting poor and backward sections of society.