Modern technology being used for Sanitation Purpose: GHMC Chief

Hyderabad: M. Dana Kishore, Commissioner, GHMC said that the modern technology is being used for sanitation purpose. Even the Mayor is also personally interacting with the sanitation workers regularly and monitoring the situation with regard to Swachh Survekshan-2019. Some of the meetings have also been postponed to concentrate more on Sanitation, said the Commissioner, while briefing the media at GHMC head office while demonstration of Nano vehicle which is being used to closely monitor the sanitation proposes in the city.

The GHMC with a slogan of ‘Shaan Hyderabad, Saaf Hyderabad’ moving ahead. It has also been observed while moving on the roads and the streets, people are throwing the garbage waste, release of drain water and other waste materials on main roads.
While imposing fines, not only with the officials but through modern machines and technology the GHMC has taken up a new method by deploying a Nano vehicle displaying 3 CC TV Cameras along with the Computer to capture the movements of the people who are throwing the garbage, releasing the sewage water etc on the Roads, Streets, Lanes, Bi- lanes etc., with which this movements will be captured and will be sent to the Command Control Room for which the officials will plan how to impose fine etc will be decided on the spot to control the menace.

At present one vehicle is being deployed in Khairatabad Zone, in a week’s time one vehicle each will be provided for all the six Zones, said the Commissioner. Apart from this, 150 Tabs have also been provided to the Swachh Officers for monitoring the sanitation works. Data is coming from around 130 Tabs and it is helping a lot for the ongoing process. An action plan is also being planned in coordination with the ASCI and also planning to involve one of the organisation from Indore City. Even NGOs are also being involved for the above said purpose, the Commissioner added.
Swachh VIGIL App is also being planned for the above said purpose where the citizens can also send the pictures, videos etc., with which the work can be taken up in more effective manner. A vision document is also under process on how to take up the sanitation process, and it will be discussed with the experts and will be released soon, said the Commissioner.