Priyanka finds Raju Hirani ‘special’

New Delhi : The global icon, Priyanka Chopra, has revealed that she finds filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani to be special because his 100 percent success record.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, when the 33-year-old actor was quizzed on the failure of ‘ Jai Gangajaal,’ she said no one but Raju has a track record of 100 percent success.

“I mean whenever the film doesn’t do well, it bothers you as an actor. I feel really bad but I am glad people liked my work. But that’s all an actor can do. It is a film I am proud of. 100% track record kiska hai Raju Hirani ke siwa? (laughs), Correct? And he also has made only three films. Raju Hirani is special,” she said.

Further, when the ‘Quantico’ star was asked whether or not she wants to work with the ‘3 Idiots’ director, she replied that casting an actor is a ‘director’s prerogative.’

“Oh God! I don’t know but I hope so. I have always believed that casting is a director’s prerogative. I am not someone who would say. I have never in my life said that ‘I want to work with these people’ but I cannot say ‘Can I do your next film?’ That is because the character will tell who the actor should be. And everyone knows my work and merit. I don’t have to tell. I hope he finds me interesting enough because I admire his work and he knows that. I love his films,” she stated.

As of now, Priyanka will start her shoot for the second season of the very successful ‘ Quantico’ on July 11, which will go on air from the month of September. This will keep her bound till March 2017.

The actress feels that second season “always has pressure” as the first season exploded in a great way in 212 territories, dubbed in 56 languages.

“The show has exploded in great way and of course there will be pressure. But there will be more pressure on the writers to make second season as interesting as the first. But that is what we will find out. That is what art is. It is transient. It does well sometimes, it doesn’t sometimes. You just gotta keep going!” she said. (ANI)