Here’s what makes Salman Khan ‘big-hearted’ person

New Delhi : Whether it is Aamir Khan’s honest comment on Salman Khan’s rape metaphor or the latter’s support for building the former’s physique for ‘Dangal,’ the duo has time and again proved themselves to be “real” friends.

The ‘Dabangg’ actor said in a recent interview with DNA that he sent his trainer to Mr. Perfectionist, adding that he is a “big-hearted” person.

“Yes, I sent my trainer to Aamir. I am a big-hearted person! (Smiles) Rakesh, my trainer has worked with Aamir before. He’s comfortable with Rakesh because he knows him as he has trained with me. Aamir wanted him and when Rakesh asked me, I said go. Rakesh works out with me but most of the time, I work out alone,” said Bhai.

“I have got my guys, my bodyguards and I have been weight-training for years, so I can train with them on the lookout. Aamir was at a very difficult position at that time and he needed someone to push him, motivate him and Rakesh is very good with that. So I asked him to go be with Aamir,” he added.

Aamir will be portraying wrestler Mahavir Singh in ‘ Dangal,’ which is set to be released by the end of this year, like Salman’s portrayal of Sultan Singh in today’s released ‘ Sultan.’

But the 51-year-old actor clearly mentioned that though both the movies come under same genre, there is no similarity between the plots. (ANI)