Ponnala ready to hang self at Assembly if proved guilty of land grab

Former Minister Ponnala Laxmaiah has thrown a challenge stating that he was ready to hang himself in front of the Assembly if proved that the Congress leaders encroached lands during Congress regime.

Speaking to the media at IB Guest House hereĀ on Tuesday, Ponnala alleged that the TRS government was misusing the power by allocating thousands of crores of rupees for the projects completed in the previous Congress government. He suggested the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to solve the problems of the people and not to visit temples and to sit in the farm house. He said that the previous Congress government provided water to 22 lakh acres investing Rs.60 crore for the projects.

He asked the TRS government to tell as to how much water providing for how many acres by allocating Rs.300 crore in the last three years. Both the state and central governments were came to power before 33 months ago but not implemented the assurances made by them, he alleged. (NSS)