PM Modi has waged war against poor through demonetisation drive: Rahul Gandhi

Dadri (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is waging war against the poor people through demonetisation.

“PM Modi has waged a war against the poor people. I don’t see any rich or black money holders in the queue, they are withdrawing money using the back door,” he said at a rally in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh.

“The situation will not normalise in 50 days but the nation will bear the brunt of the demonetisation move for years,” Gandhi told ANI adding that the decision had been taken without consulting any expert.

“If I will be allowed to speak in the Parliament then I will explain what is the objective and reason behind demonetizing high denomination currency notes,” he added.

He further said that Prime Minister Modi does not want to listen and only wants to speak.

Gandhi said that Prime Minister’s narrative has changed over time. First it was fight against black money, then terrorism and now it’s about making society cashless.

Ridiculing the government’s demonetisation move, he added, “He talks about making the society cashless, but the society has already become cashless because of this move.”

“A few big businessmen have taken Rs 8 lakh crore loans from banks, which they are not paying back. PM cannot bring back money from the loan defaulters as they were the ones to market him. Hence, PM has made you stand in lines for banks to function,” he added.

Earlier, former finance minister P Chidambaram had slammed the move, calling it this year’s biggest scam, which needed a thorough probe. (ANI)