PM Modi urges to make ‘Yoga Day’ a memorable one

New Delhi: As the entire world awaits Yoga Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is a Yoga enthusiast has taken the initiative of making it popular among the masses.

With the intention of creating a better and healthier society, Prime Minister Modi on Thursday took to Twitter to intimate the people about the Yoga Day.

The Prime Minister said till June 21, he would be sharing different aspects relating to the physical, mental and spiritual practices involved in Yoga.

“On 21st June, the world will come together to mark the 3rd #YogaDay. Let us all make this occasion a memorable one,” Prime Minister Modi tweeted.

“Till the 21st, I will be sharing different aspects relating to Yoga and #YogaDay,” he further said.
The Prime Minister appealed to the people to become a ‘yogi’ and create a better society.

“Yoga is integrating the world. Come, become a Yogi in the movement to make Yoga popular & create a better & healthier society. #YogaDay,” he tweeted.

The Prime Minister then posted a video showing the people chanting prayer ahead of performing the Yoga.

“Let us begin with a prayer, which is always suggested before practising Yoga. #YogaDay,” he said.

The world will witness third International Yoga Day on June 21. (ANI)