Chhattisgarh: Water tank serving as mobile tower for villagers

Bastar: In the Naxal-affected Bastar district, along with the soldiers, the common rural population is also facing the problems of mobile network.

The communication services have not reached in many areas till now. This is the reason why the villagers are now searching for the network by taking the route of the mountains and putting their lives in danger or going on the water tank to talk to their loved ones.

In Dantewada’s Mokhpal village, people from around 10-15 villages have mobile phone but there is no network.

Five years ago, BSNL had installed a tower in this area which was destroyed by the Naxalites.

Two years ago, a water tank was made to get sufficient amount of water at a cost of Rs. 48 lakh.

The tank has not been filled till now but it is definitely working as a mobile tower for the villagers.

The government made the tank in view of the water scarcity of the area but forgot to attach it to the pipeline.

Due to the negligence of the department, the tank has been empty so far. (ANI)