People will teach lesson to KTR: Jagga Reddy

Hyderabad: Congress leader T Jagga Reddy has said the people would teach a fitting lesson to TRS leader KT Ramarao for describing UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi as ‘Bomma’.

Jagga Reddy organised a huge rally from Sangareddy to Rudraram today. Addressing the rally, Jagga Reddy said Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has a ‘vision’ but KCR has only one vision of ‘having liquor 24 hours’. When there was no mistake if KCR join hands with Chandrababu but why mistake if Congress join hands with TDP, he asked. Finding fault with KCR for terming Chandrababu as ‘Shani’, Jagga Reddy said that Shani was a god. He alleged that KCR, who praised Andhraites living in Hyderabad during GHMC elections, was now scolding them.

Sangareddy latest former MLA was a waste one as he failed to bring a Medical College to Sangareddy, he said and assured that he will bring medical college to Sangareddy immediately after Congress party coming to power. He was also assured that he will provide house sites to the 40,000 beneficiaries within six months after coming to power. He was also assured that he will construct DWKRA bhavans to the Groups in the constituency.