PCB issues showcause notice to Umar for misconduct

Karachi: Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal has again landed himself into trouble after he was issued a show cause notice today by the Pakistan Cricket Board for unbecoming conduct and bringing disrepute to the game.

His latest controversy has already cost him his place in the Pakistan T20 squad for the series against England.

PCB Chairman Shaharyar Khan told the media in Lahore that an inquiry would be held into the matter and until then Umar would not be considered for national selection.

Khan was referring to an incident where Umar and another former Pakistan under-19 captain Azeem Ghuman found themselves in a police station in Hyderabad city after being detained at a ‘Mujra’ party.

“What happened was that a police party raided a house on the complaint of area residents. A dance party (Mujra) was going on there with several people in attendance including Umar and Ghuman. They were than detained by the police with the others and brought to the police station,” one eye witness told PTI.

“Umar used his influential political connections and was released by the police within minutes,” he added.

The matter came to the notice of the board when a section of the media reported the incident.

Khan said it was not an unusual incident and such things happened all over the world.

“But we are disappointed at the conduct of our players and Umar is a centrally contracted player. So we have issued him a show cause notice and will probe the matter,” he said.

Khan made the point that players got involved in such incidents because of their lack of proper education and most of them were dropouts,.

“But now we are trying to encourage more educated players to come forward who know how to behave as Pakistan players.”

Umar however has denied he went to a dance party.

“We were playing the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy match in Hyderabad and I had gone along with some people for a dinner invitation. The stories about me are fabricated and a conspiracy against me,” he told PTI.

“I will respond to the notice and also try to explain my side to the Chairman. I will clear myself from this controversy,” he said.

The young batsman who has in the past also been caught up in different controversies and also spent time in a police lock up in Lahore said he was innocent and he would take legal action against those trying to defame him.

“I am feeling ashamed at my name coming in such a incident and everything will be clear in a few days time as there is a lot of misunderstanding about what actually happened.