Pakistan launches terror crackdown: Four killed, 600 arrested in Punjab

Islamabad: Following the crackdown launched by the Counter Terrorism Department of the Punjab Police and the Punjab Rangers in different parts of Layyah and Rawalpindi districts in Pakistan, around 600 suspects have been taken into custody.

According to a news release issued on Saturday by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the crackdowns were undertaken under the recently launched Raddul Fassad operation by the army and the law-enforcement agencies also claimed to have seized weapons and banned literature during the crackdowns

“Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad continues across the country. Punjab Rangers conducted over 200 search operations in various areas of the Punjab including Karor, Layyah and Rawalpindi. Rangers have searched suspicious houses, madrassas and shops in both districts,” the release said.

The ISPR claimed that the four suspected terrorists were killed during an exchange of fire with security personnel. It said some Afghan nationals were among the arrested suspects.

The Pakistan Army launched the Raddul Fassad operation after a series terror attacks in different parts of the country claimed lives of hundreds of people. (ANI)