Never thought was good looking enough to play romantic roles: Shahrukh Khan

Mumbai: Bollywood’s King Khan has heaped praises for late filmmaker Yash Chopra for “single handedly” creating his career and added that upon latter’s insistence that he was able to succeed in the romance genre.

Shahrukh was in Mumbai to receive the prestigious fourth Yash Chopra Memorial Award.

“I never wanted to be a lover boy, I am not very good. I didn’t think I am good looking enough, I didn’t think that I was pretty enough to play romance and stuff, but he kept on telling me always that until I don’t do love stories my carer won’t progress and when Yash Chopra tells you that then there must be some sense to it,” he said.

The Raees star further revealed that he simply went by Yash’s belief and it paid rich dividends.

“If I don’t look like a romantic hero and don’t act like one, I have to just go by his belief and I did, and it paid dividends, it really has created my career. Yash Chopra has single handedly created my career,” he added. (ANI)