Opposition suffering from Modi phobia, says Amit Shah

Amit Shah, the BJP President criticised the opposition parties saying they suffered from “Modi phobia” and did not have any agenda for the country’s development.

He said, “all partners of the BJP in the NDA, on the other hand, are united and serious about transforming India as the number one country in the world.”

He further added that “the prime minister is seeking to eradicate poverty, but the opposition wants “Modi hatao (defeat)”, the BJP president said. Modi wants to eliminate unemployment, while opposition calls for his removal.

“I want to tell the people that the Congress and all opposition parties are working together for breaking India while (prime minister Narendra) Modi-Ji is busy in making India.”

“The opposition has no specific agenda, no leader and no policy. Their only programme is the removal of Modi as they are suffering from Modi phobia,” the BJP President said.

[source_without_link]SIASAT NEWS[/source_without_link]