South Africa selects ‘Sew the Winter to My Skin’ for 91st Oscars

Washington: South Africa has selected ‘Sew the Winter to My Skin’ as its entry for the ‘foreign language film’ category at 91st Oscars.

Written and Directed by Jahmil X.T. Qubeka, the film is about John Kepe, a mid-century outlaw who ends up becoming a folk hero in pre-apartheid South Africa, Variety reported.

‘Sew the Winter to My Skin’ is South Africa’s 15th entry in the best foreign language film Oscar category since 1989. Directed by Gavin Hood, ‘Tsotsi’ won an academy award in 2005.

Commenting on the film, the selection committee said that it is an unmistakable, bold, South African voice that tackles historical and contemporary issues, in both South Africa and the world.

Jahmil X.T. Qubeka said, “We made this film in order for it to be seen and engaged with. The (Oscar) submission gives it a spotlight and scrutiny it wouldn’t otherwise get into the saturated global market.”