Oppn envious About TS development: TRS

TRS leadership today criticized that the opposition parties are envious at the rapid development of the new state. TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy is speaking foolishly against the national agriculture leadership award to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao,  he fumed.    

Addressing a press conference at TRS Legislature Party office here, MLC Karne Prabhakar accused the Congress, BJP and Telugu Desam of making baseless allegations against the government which is giving top priority for the development and welfare of the people.  He took serious exception to Utham Kumar Reddy’s remarks against the Agriculture Leadership award 2017 offered to KCR.

Prabhakar termed as unfortunate the Congress leaders paying tributes to martyrs at Basheerbagh. They have no right to do so as the congress government killed nine farmers in firing in Mudigonda incident. The Centre will   not bestow such prestigious awards without any proper schemes or programs for the agriculture development in the state, he said. The Opposition, he said, could not digest the development of the state, and hence making charges against the government for false publicity, he fumed.

 It is a known fact that the previous congress regime had ignored the plight of the farmers and did not complete the irrigation projects, only to deprive Telangana region of waters to crops,   Prabhakar regretted. Instead of appreciating the government for turning agriculture into a festival by supporting the farmers, the opposition is resorting to meaningless charges on the agriculture national award for 2017 to the chief minister. With this, the congress leaders made themselves a laughing stock among the farmers and people in the state, he retorted. The 60 year rule by the successive governments have ignored the farm sector in Telangana, and it is now being put on right track by the present dispensation. The Congress and the TDP leaders are goats in the guise of tigers,  he charged.(NSS)