Foreign forces’ airstrike kills 16 civilians in Afghanistan’s Herat province

Kabul [Afghanistan] At least 16 civilians including women and children, were reportedly killed and seven others were injured in airstrikes carried out by foreign forces in Afghanistan’s Zerkoh district in Herat province, residents said on Tuesday.

Survivors said that several homes in the region were hit by the airstrikes carried out by the foreign forces on Monday.

“The planes dropped bombs on the Taliban base and then a group of Taliban took shelter inside the houses of the people. At that time, the residents evacuated their homes and took refuge in nearby areas and then the planes dropped bombs on a group of women and children,” Tolo News quoted Zerkoh resident, Momin Shah as saying.

Confirming the incident, Provincial officials in Herat said a fact finding team has been assigned by the national Security Council to probe the incident.

NATO’s Resolute Support mission has not commented on the report so far. (ANI)