Omar dares Ram Madhav on Pakistan links, BJP leader takes back comment

Srinagar/Aizawl: Hours after former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah dared senior BJP leader Ram Madhav to prove his allegations of Pakistani links or apologize, the saffron party leader took back his words.

“Just landed Aizawl and saw this. Now that you deny any external pressure I take back my comment, but, now that you proved it was genuine love between NC and PDP that prompted a failed government formation attempt, you should fight next elections together. Mind you its (a) political comment, not personal,” Madhav tweeted.

Earlier in the day, Madhav, the BJP’s pointsman for Jammu and Kashmir, alleged that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and National Conference boycotted local body polls last month “because they had instructions from across the border (Pakistan).

“Probably they had fresh instructions from across the border to come together and form (a) government. What they did prompted the Governor (Satya Pal Malik) to look into the whole issue,” the General Secretary said.

Abdullah took on Ram Madhav and asked him not to make wild allegations and instead provide his allegations.

“I dare you to prove your allegation. You have RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), NIA (National Investigation Agency) and IB (Intelligence Bureau) at your command (CBI too is your parrot). So have the guts to place evidence in the public domain. Either prove this or be man enough to apologize. Don’t practice shoot and scoot politics,” Abdullah said.

In response, Ram Madhav sought to justify his remarks.

“Just take it in your stride Omar Abdullah. Not questioning your patriotism at all. But the sudden love between NC and PDP and the hurry to form government leads to many suspicions and political comments. Not to offend you,” he said.

However, Abdullah persisted with his challenge.

“No, misplaced attempts at humour won’t work. You have claimed my party has been acting at the behest of Pakistan. I dare you to prove it! Place the evidence of your allegation of NC boycott of ULB polls at Pakistan behest in public domain. It’s an open challenge to you and your government,” Abdullah tweeted.

Ram Madhav’s remarks came a day after Governor Malik dissolved the Assembly even as the PDP wrote to him saying that the Congress and the National Conference had decided to support her party to form a government and their collective strength was 56.

People’s Conference leader Sajjad Lone also wrote to the Governor staking claim to form a government with the BJP’s backing. He claimed the support of 18 MLAs besides the 25-strong BJP and contended that it was more than the required number for majority.

The Bharatiya Janata Party leader’s allegations came in an interview on Wednesday hours ahead of the Governor’s move ordering the state Assembly dissolved with “immediate effect”.