CASIO introduces CT-X Series Keyboards

Tokyo [Japan]: A musical instrument fair was recently organised in Tokyo where an array of products were showcased by world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers. During the event, Casio introduced CT-X series electronic keyboards that have several new features.

Casio has been developing electronic instrument since 1980, with core concept of “expressing various tones electronically”, that was conceived from the philosophy of “what is a musical tone” as starting point.

Takashi Niida of Casio said: “CT-X3000 and 5000 series produce excellent sound quality. They contain 800 tones and 235 rhythm patterns, so you can enjoy these rhythms while accompanying them.”

At the venue there were concerts where several musical instrument companies played their instruments. The concert also saw the latest keyboard by CASIO being used and it attracted a lot of attention. “Mr. Paksin”, a professional keyboard player of a popular rock band amongst young people in Japan, played the Casio instrument.

Pakshin, keyboard player said: “There are so many built-in tones. There is huge library, and each one of these sounds is very good”.