Nuclear deal: 5 world forces ready to talk to Iran

Tehran: Tehran and Moscow said that foreign ministers of Iran and 5 other countries will meet to discuss the nuclear deal 2015. It must be noted that trump administration pulled out of the nuclear deal on May 8. This will be the first meeting after the cancellation of the nuclear deal in which ambassadors of UK, China, France, Germany and Russia will discuss the matter with Iran foreign minister Mohammed Jawwad in Vienna City of Austria. They will discuss the package proposed by European Union in connection with the nuclear deal.

They said that they will tell President Donald Trump regarding the difference between Iran’s and US’ stand on the deal.

It must be recalled that two months ago, US had cancelled that nuclear deal and had also urged other countries to withdraw from it. However, the European Union signalled to continue the deal.

Meanwhile, Iran has warned that if the deal is not continued it will increase uranium production 20 pc which is a violation of the deal.