MSP for Kharif Crops: ‘Farmers Union feel betrayed by Modi Government’

New Delhi: While the saffron party members are busy hailing for Modiji’s recent ‘historic’ hike of Minimum Support Price (MSP) for ‘kharif’ crops decision, the farmers yet feel disappointed and betrayed by PM Modi since none of the promises made to these farmers have come true.

“We are honoured and humbled that we had the opportunity to take a decision on the historic increase of MSP, which will further enhance India’s agricultural transformation,” Modi had tweeted, News Nation reported.

The farmers said they voted for Modi as he promised them high hopes but he
failed to hold those high hopes and turn them into reality.

The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) termed this Modi government’s decision as a “historical betrayal”.

Not only did the farmers felt failed with Modi’s decision, the farmers union also said that the Modi government was “hoodwinking” ahead of 2019 general elections.

“It actually is a historic betrayal of the promise made to farmers of fixing MSP at a level of at least 150 percent of the C2 cost of production. Four years of the BJP government has passed without doing anything for farmers and they are now seeking to hoodwink farmers by making an aggressive campaign on the eve of the impending elections,” the AIKS said in a statement.

The farmers reacting to BJP leaders hailing and praising the ‘historic’ move, said, “The BJP government’s tall claim that the decision on Kharif MSP is ‘historic’, falls flat when one compares the actual promise and the gap between A2+FL and C2 costs.”

The organization also said that the Centre has not calculated the farmers hard work, rent of their land while calculating the C2 cost of production.