#Not In My Name campaign started in the US

Washington: The “Not In My Name” online rebellious campaign started against cow vigilantism and violence towards the minorities in India has brought people from all the communities together in this mission where people are raising their voices against the perpetrators and the crimes, has now moved to another step with people raising their voices in International countries as well.

Many people in the US took to streets on Sunday afternoon protesting against the cow vigilantism in India that had subjected many minorities belonging to Muslim and Dalit communities to death.

The protests were carried out in three U.S. cities, the Washington DC, San Diego and San Jose, Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), many progressive organizations in the US emerged as one has called this protests. The organizations have also planned another event that will be held in New York on July 23.

The statement released by the AJA reads as “These killings have been orchestrated by Hindu supremacist groups ideologically aligned with the BJP-led federal government and drawing inspiration from the beef ban imposed by the governments in various States. The increasing hostility towards minorities displayed by even central ministers in the form of incendiary rhetoric has only added fuel to the fire”.

Protesters have also condemned the recent Amarnath terror attack that killed of seven Hindu pilgrims and also the communal violence that killed another Hindu man in Bashirhaat in West Bengal.

“Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all people of all faiths have lived together for centuries in India. Most Hindus in India do not approve of this violence. Prime Minister Modi has said this must not happen, but the government of India and state governments are not taking sufficient action” said Kaleem Khawaja, Executive Director of Association of Indian Muslims in America.

He added “India is a land of law. If this mob violence continues unchecked, it will become an anarchy instead of a world power”. Mr. Kaleem led the protest in Washington DC at the Dupont Circle.

A resolution was passed by the protesters in Washington on the current violence that said they have “watched with much anguish the incidents of senseless lynching and murderous public violence in the name of religion that have occurred in the last one year and is continuing to occur in various parts of India”.

Urging the Indian Government to hold and bring the perpetrators to justice, the protesters have asked the Government to take necessary steps to “restore communal harmony and peace in all parts of India”.

“The reign of terror unleashed by Hindu supremacist cow “vigilantes” is clearly targeted at browbeating the nation’s religious minorities into the status of second class citizens,” said the statement.

The protesters carried placards that said, “Not in My Name,” and “Beef ban is cultural fascism.”

Another participant in the protest that was held in Washington DC, Salim Sheikh, speaking about the growing communal polarissation among the Indian Americans said, “Until some years ago, 90 per cent of my friends were Hindus. Social gatherings used to be mixed, but gradually the distance began to grow. Perhaps, my Hindu friends have become busy along the way.”

Mr. Sheikh, who is basically from Ahmedabad has been living in the US for the past three decades said the polarisation between the two communities has gradually increased after the 2014 election in India.