Time to redefine the idea of ‘real fit’

New Delhi [India]: In a world where the popular perception of fitness tends to be limited to physical aspects, here’s a fresh approach to redefine the idea of ‘real fit.’

Quaker’s new ‘Fuel for the Real Fit’ campaign celebrates young Indians doing regular jobs like a teacher or a doctor, who effortlessly multi-task each day, and establish Quaker as the fuel that empowers them to find the energy to keep doing more.

Speaking about the new campaign, Deepika Warrier, Vice President – Nutrition Category, PepsiCo India said, “The new Quaker ‘Fuel for the Real Fit’ campaign celebrates the spirit of ‘real fit’ ordinary individuals who lead extraordinary lives. They have the passion and determination to go above and beyond each day, and Quaker is the perfect morning fuel to provide them the energy to do more each day. We feel the campaign is powerful in its simplicity, and will connect with all consumers who manage to do so much each day, and yet seek to do more.”

The campaign kicks off with the first film featuring a nursery teacher who does countless sit-ups, squats, and even weight-lifting while taking care of a class full of energetic kids. With her physical endurance and her indomitable spirit, she embodies the ‘real fit’. The film shows how Quaker fuels her passion by helping her do more each day to shape young minds.

The second film in the campaign will be released the following week, and features a young doctor working in an Emergency Room. It recognizes and celebrates the mental and physical strength of doctors who often work 24-hour shifts dealing with medical emergencies as well as providing emotional support to patients and their families, without showing any signs of fatigue.

The film highlights Quaker Oats as his ‘Fuel’ every morning, empowering real fit people like him to sustain through their intense, demanding jobs each day.

The films’ director, Neeraj Ghaywan of SeeOn Films, said, “For the Quaker Fuel for the Real Fit films, we chose to tell the stories of an ER doctor and a play-school teacher, someone everybody can relate with. Apart from showing sincerity and passion towards their work, they show dogged commitment. And in these films, we set our everyday heroes in their natural environment, as they are. For me, it is about acknowledging the dignity that we all seek. It is truly fulfilling to go an extra mile at work when you feel happy about it. Real fitness helps us in going at it.” (ANI)