Did not join BJP to support the mafia, says Navjot Kaur after quitting party

Amritsar: Navjot Kaur Sidhu on Sunday said that she resigned from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as the MLAs of the saffron party have no say in Punjab, adding there is no point of being in politics if one cannot raise his voice against wrong.

Navjot, the BJP MLA from Amritsar (East) constituency, told a press conference that the government in Punjab is not at all serious for the state’s development, adding that majority of the BJP workers do not want to work under the incumbent alliance.

“I did not join the party to support the mafia, I came in politics to eradicate the menace but the irony was that my complaints were ignored. What is the point of being in politics if you cannot raise your voice against wrong? They are not serious for Punjab. The BJP is an ally in Punjab but we have no say our soul job is to listen to the Akali Dal and laud them,” said Navjot.

“The BJP workers in Punjab did not want to stay in alliance with the Akalis but our suggestions were not considered. I was never heard,” she added.

Speaking about her future course of action, Navjot said, “I have not approached any other party till now, will decide soon.”

Elucidating over why she did not resign from the BJP soon after her husband Navjot Singh Sidhu quit the saffron party, she said that it was after 60 years that her constituency was developing and she did not want to stall the growth.

“A lot of funds were pending. Secondly I did not quit earlier because I was responsible for the development of my constituency. If I would have quit then the other person would have misused the funds post by-elections,” she said.

“My constituency wasn’t developing at all from the past 60 years and me leaving midway would have made things worse. Now, at least I am contended that 70-80 percent work has been completed in my constituency,” she added.

Navjot yesterday resigned from the saffron party’s primary membership. The resignation has been accepted by the party.

On September 14, cricketer-turned-politician and her husband Navjot Singh Sidhu formally resigned from the BJP.

He had been upset since the BJP decided not to field him from Amritsar, a seat he had held for 10 years, in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.