North has Kanye’s outgoing personality: Kim Kardashian

Los Angeles: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West says her daughter North’s personality is a lot like her husband and rapper Kanye West.

“She (North) is a Gemini, so she is a little bit of both me and Kanye,” Kim told

“She definitely has Kanye’s outgoing personality and will say what’s on her mind no matter what it is and who it might offend. But then she is sweet like me. So, she’s a little bit of both,” Kim added.

North celebrated her fifth birthday last week in New York, where she stepped out with long hair.

“It’s funny, everybody thought she was wearing extensions and she wasn’t.

That’s her hair. She just has really curly hair. I don’t really let her straighten her hair, but it was on her birthday party and on her birthday trip to New York, she wanted straight hair, so that was her thing,” said Kim.

“She really is into beauty… She loves hair looks, that’s her thing, and she loves a little bit of make-up.”

On her birthday, North received two Alexander Wang bags from the designer, and Kim says she already “secretly stole” one of them.

“It’s in my closet now, and she actually saw it and she stole it back, so we’re already fighting over bags,” said Kim.