Libya: Suicide Bomber kills four Libyan security soldiers

Libya: Suicide Bomber kills four Libyan security soldiers
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Benghazi: A suicide bomber bearing a white flag killed four members of east Libyan Security forces after he reportedly drove towards the group of soldiers according to a military spokesperson.

Ahmed al-Mismari, a spokesman for Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA), said the suicide bomber had detonated the explosives packed in the white Chevrolet when he got close enough to the group of soldiers who asked him to leave the combat area zone in central Derna, Middle East Monitor reported.

The Libyan National Army is fighting to take over the last city in eastern Libya- Derna, after launching a ground offensive against the coalition of local forces and Islamist militants last month.

According to sources, clashes continued in central Derna on Wednesday where LNA offensive were hiding.

“The main battle is finished and we are fighting pockets (of resistance) in an area of one square kilometre,” Mismari told TV station Libyas Channel.

The water supplies, cooking gas are restored in the areas taken by LNA. Previously, services like water, power, food and medical supplies had been largely cut off due to LNA opponents getting underway.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has also repeatedly warned against the impact of fighting on Derna’s population estimated to be around 125,000.