No PM in the world ever troubled masses like Modi: Congress

Alleging that there were no Prime Ministers across the globe troubled the people, Congress senior leader S Jaipal Reddy said that the people were facing severe hardships with the demonetization of big notes.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Tuesday, Jaipal Reddy said the national income fell to low level and the economists cautioning that the people would face the same troubles till March with demonetisation of big notes. “Modi has no maturity in ruling the country. The Centre changed the law for 108 times after the demonetisation of big notes. There were Rs.14.18 lakh crore worth Rs.1000 and Rs.500 notes were in use and already Rs.13 lakh crore were deposited in the banks and Modi was going to tell the people that there was no black money in the country. Modi was telling cock and bull stories every day,” he alleged.

Stating that no rich person faced trouble after the demonetisation of big notes, the former Union Minister said common people were experiencing heavy loss. He asked the Centre to tell as to how thousands of crores of rupees were coming out from the rich people. The Centre has to spend Rs 25,000 crore to print new notes, but the Modi government was giving a color that he was waging an ethical fighting.

It was ridiculous that Modi was speaking like a Maoist, he alleged and demanded Modi to tender an apology to the people for troubling them. Modi’s decision of demonetisation of big notes was an economical tyrant, he alleged and asked Modi to tell whether rules and regulations are not applicable to Gali Janardhan Reddy and Union Minister Nithin Gadkari. Jaipal Reddy said that Modi took demonetisation of big notes decision even though RBI refused it.

Reminding the Prime Minister’s statement made in 2014 that Rs 80 lakh crore black money was deposited in foreign countries, Jaipal Reddy said black money was an illusion and catching it was another illusion. He said there were several doubts in regard to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s support to Modi. KCR maintained silence immediately after the demonetisation of big notes but the same KCR extended his support to the Modi’s decision, he pointed out. Stating that doubts were different from allegations, Jaipal Reddy said that it was not possible to him to stoop down to the level of KCR.

Jaipal Reddy said the black money changed its form but the Modi government failed to yield the result after the demonetisation of big notes. Modi was in foolish people’s paradise and hence he has been taking such decisions, he alleged. The population of the country was 125 crore but there were only 2 lakh ATMs, he said and made it clear that the decision of demonetisation was at wrong time and the result was a big disaster. The governments committed several mistakes but BJP government’s demonetisation of big notes was a huge one in the last 60 years. There was no relief to the people even after 40 days have gone after the demonetisation of big notes, he alleged and said that the black money would increase further in the form of new notes.

Former MPs Ponnam Prabhakar and Dr Mallu Ravi were also present. (NSS)