No GHMC poll during Sankranthi season, Kishan tells govt.

Telangana BJP president G Kishan Reddy today warned that his party would oppose any move of the TRS to conduct GHMC elections during the Makara Sankranti festival.

Speaking to the media, Kishan Reddy said the ruling party would have to face severe consequences if the GHMC elections are held during the festival season. He also asked the government how many double-bed-room houses were allotted to each constituency.

Kishan Reddy alleged that in an attempt to capture the GHMC by hook or the crook, the TRS was encouraging defections. The BJP president also accused the ruling party of making mockery of democratic values by encouraging defections and luring leaders from the Opposition parties. The TRS was keen on gaining in the GHMC elections by misusing official machinery.

The BJP leader alleged that TRS put hoardings in the entire city giving no place for publicity (showing hoardings) to the Opposition parties. (NSS)