MBT will not allow sale of Taslima Nasreen’s books: Amjed Ullah Khan

Majlis Bachao Tahreek leader Amjed Ullah Khan has reiterated that his party would not allow sale of books authored by controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen anywhere in India.

Ridiculing Taslmi Nasreen’s tweet questioning silence of India writers on MBT’s objection to sale of her book ‘Lajja’ at an exhibition by Teachers Federation at Sundraya Vignana Kendram in Hyderabad recently, Amjed Ullah Khan said that Indian writers understand the difference between trash and literature. “In India, we have freedom of thought and expression. But we don’t misuse our freedom to hurt the religious sentiments of others. The Bangladeshi writer should stop provoking Indians with her third grade tweets,” he said.

Amjed Ullah Khan said that the MBT would stop sale of ‘Lajja’ and other controversial books irrespective of whether or not they are officially banned in India. “Anyone selling those controversial books should do so at their own risk. If seeking ban on material that incites religious hatred and feelings is “intolerance”, then we are happy to be called “intolerant”. We will not allow any foreign author to disturb the communal peace and harmony in our country,” he said. (INN)