Nirbhaya case: Court begins hearing on convicts plea

New Delhi:The Patiala House court is hearing the plea filed by the Nirbhaya convicts plea alleging that the Tihar Jail administration did not present the papers on time.

The Public Prosecutor informed the court that Tihar Jail authorities have already supplied the relevant documents.

He further informed that these are mere delaying tactics adopted by the convicts.

The Public Prosecutor also told the court that he spoke to the jail authorities over the phone and a report in this regard will be filed shortly as the jail officials were on their way to the court.

The judge demanded from the convicts lawyer to show what he has filed.

The convicts lawyer, A.P. Singh, said that he received some documents, but has still not been supplied with the personal diary of one of the convict — Vinay Kumar Sharma and also the medical documents.

Judge then asked the lawyer to wait for until the report arrives form the Tihar Jail.

On this, the convicts lawyer said he was questioning the intention of the jail. “I know the jail has been changed. It isn’t there fault, too,” he said.

The Public Prosecutor refuted the allegation saying that the defence counsel was trying to defeat the speed of law.

“We have supplied all the documents to the counsel. We have supplied all the documents except the painting and some other documents. We have nothing apart from that,” public prosecutor said.

The Supreme court had recently dismissed the curative petition for the other two convicts — Vinay Kumar Sharma (26) and Mukesh Singh (32).

Hearing in a different case, Chief Justice of India S.A. Bobde on Thursday said a condemned person cannot fight the death penalty endlessly and it was important for the capital punishment to reach its finality.

The death penalty, he noted, cannot be questioned at every turn by the convict.