Modi reveals secret behind his ‘radiant’ face

New Delhi: While talking to the winner of Children’s Bravery Awards, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared the secret behind his ‘radiant’ face.

Interacting with 49 recipients of the “Prime Minister National Children’s Award 2020”, he said, “Many years back, someone asked me, ‘how come you have such a radiant face?’ I gave a very simple reply, ‘I get a lot of sweat due to hard work and I massage it on my face'”.

Modi’s advice to award winners

Advising bravery award winners to work hard, he said that every child should sweat at least four times a day.

During his address, he said that after getting awards, people either become arrogant and stop focus on their performance or get encouraged and work hard even better.

It may be mentioned that 49 award winners are from different parts of the country. The awards are given in art and culture, innovation, academics, social service, sports and bravery.