Nike’s new ad promotes Hijab-clad women athletes

New Delhi [India]: “What will they say about you? Maybe they’ll say you showed them what’s possible.”- This is what sports brand Nike has to say through their new commercial, which has gone viral on the Internet.

With a commitment to bring in global ‘Equality,’ the commercial for Nike Middle East features Arab and Muslim women athletes exercising and competing.

The 1.10-minute clip opens with a women running in a hijab as pedestrians stare at her. The rest of the footage shows women in the suburbs of Dubai running, skateboarding, fencing, boxing, and ice skating, with a narration in the back ground, speaking for all, “What will they say about you? Maybe they’ll say you exceeded all expectations.”

However, this video faced some criticism, where people negated every Muslim-majority country to be conservative and regressive minded.

According to a viewer, “Before anyone posts ignorant comment about Islamic countries. You need to travel a bit and educate yourself. Saudi is not the only Islamic country,. Yes Saudi and some other countries are very conservative and behind in terms of women’s right but there are many Countries that are Muslim majority that are vet open-minded and have women free like you see in the video, like the United Arab Emirates.” (ANI)