‘Straight’ women tend to orgasm less!

New York [USA]: ‘Orgasm gap’ is something all have experienced while making love.

A report in Fox News now says, a new study offers evidence to the fact that ‘straight’ women have fewer orgasms than men, or lesbian and bisexual women.

The research, published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, found that 65 percent of heterosexual women orgasm regularly, while heterosexual men were the most likely to say they usually always orgasmed during sex (95 percent reported doing so).

The other groups fell somewhere in the middle.

Researchers from Indiana University, Chapman University and Claremont Graduate University said, oral sex was linked with more orgasms in all groups except for in straight men.

But, there’s nothing to get afraid of, if you are on the giving or receiving end of said problematic orgasms. After analysing orgasm patterns in a sample of nearly 53,000 American adults, researchers identified some simple solutions to increase the likelihood of heterosexual females orgasms.

“We consider sociocultural and evolutionary explanations for these orgasm gaps,” researchers wrote. “The results suggest a variety of behaviors couples can try to increase orgasm frequency.” (ANI)