Netanyahu praises Trump’s ‘courageous decision’ on Iran

Jerusalem: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated US President Donald Trump on his “courageous decision” after he refused on Friday to certify the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal.

“I congratulate United State President Trump for his courageous decision today. He boldly confronted Iran’s terrorist regime,” Netanyahu said in a video in English.

“If the Iran deal is left unchanged, on thing is absolutely certain. In a few years time, the world’s foremost terrorist regime will have an arsenal of nuclear weapons and that’s a tremendous danger for our collective future,” he said.

Netanyahu has repeatedly denounced the deal signed by Iran and six world powers including the United States, which saw sanctions on Iran lifted in exchange for curbs to its nuclear programme.

On Friday, Trump stopped short of withdrawing from the accord, but “decertified” his support for the agreement and left its fate in the hands of Congress.

“President Trump has just created an opportunity to fix this bad deal, to roll back Iran’s aggression and to confront its criminal support of terrorism,” the Israeli premier said.