Netanyahu asks Modi about probe into 2012 Israeli Embassy attack

Tel Aviv: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday asked his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi about the investigation of the 2012 attack on the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi.

According to officials in the Prime Minister’s Bureau, Netanyahu asked whether any progress was made in the probe, Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

A joint statement released at the end of the meetings also referred to the issue, the newspaper added.

“The two prime ministers emphasised that there can’t be any justification whatsoever to terrorist acts,” the statement said.

“The leaders stressed that harsh measures must be taken against terrorists, terror organisations and whoever supports, encourages, finances or shelters them.”

According to the statement, Netanyahu and Modi agreed that action must be taken to prevent terror groups from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

India and Israel decided to scale up their relationship to that of a strategic partnership in the fight against terror, with Modi saying the two countries have “agreed to do much more to protect our strategic interests” and to combat rising radicalization and terrorism including in the cyber-space.

On the second day of the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister, Modi sought to balance New Delhi’s traditional ties with Israel’s neighbours by saying India hoped that “peace, dialogue and restraint” will prevail in West Asia.

A joint statement issued after the talks said “…strong measures should be taken against terrorists and terror organisations and all those who encourage, support and finance or provide sanctuary to terrorists and terror groups”.