Customers getting soaps instead of OnePlus 5 from Amazon

New Delhi: What can be more unfortunate for a gadget lover to get a soap or a Micromax phone, while they ordered OnePLus 5 from the e-commerce giant, Amazon. The popularity of the phone is becoming the reason to attract the scammers. Consumers on Amazon are claiming that they were delivered with soaps, some even got a budget Micromax phone.

Courtesy: India Today

There have been instances previously that people had ordered iPhones and got bricks. In those cases, the sellers were unknown. However, as far as delivery of OnePlus is concerned, the sellers are directly managed by Amazon India and they are the authentic ones, reports India Today.

The people who got the soap and the soap boxes and then left the reviews are verified buyers on Amazon India. This means they indeed purchased the product on which they were leaving a review.

Soap instead of OnePlus5, Courtesy:India today

Amazon is not selling the phone if the seller is not directly managed by them. Also, the OnePlus 5 is right now only available through Amazon Fulfilled, which means the phone that is bought on the e-retail site is already in Amazon warehouse.

In a scenario that people who received other items instead of OnePlus 5, might be lying. Also, there is no proof that they are lying.
OnePlus 5 is available on its store, online as well as offline, other than Amazon.