Need precaution while crossing rail tracks

Hyderabad, August 14: Sitayya would be extremely careful while crossing railway tracks, keeping a lookout on either side for trains passing by.

This is perhaps why Sitayya has remained safe even though he has loitered the station premises for most part of his life. Sitayya is none other than a bulky goat who lives off the grass growing near the tracks near the Fatehpur railway station.

Human beings have failed to take notice of oncoming trains, which has led to incidents of people being mowed down, but Sitayya being a more bright animal, has always been precautious while crossing over tracks at Fateh Nagar railway station.

Maybe, the software engineer who was mowed down by a train on Friday would have benefited from the caution shown by Sitayya.

“It has stayed in the station premises for three years and it keeps looking on both sides for passing trains before crossing the tracks,” said a local, M Narender.

Though locals tried to drive it away from the premises fearing it might come under the wheels of a train one day, it has no intention of leaving. That is why it has got the name Sitayya, after a character played by Hari Krishna in a Telugu movie with the popular dialogue, “Sitayya evvadi mata vinadu (Sitayya doesn’t care anyone).”

The bulky goat wanders in and around the premises and not a single time it has missed glancing at both sides before straying onto the tracks. “How can human beings be so careless about their lives?” questioned Narender pointing to two incidents that took place on consecutive days, claiming lives of two people.

“Our Sitayya is the more intelligent one,” quipped Amarender, a pan shop owner near the railway station.