Where was the need for the MIM leadership to bow down before Govt.?

Hyderabad: Seven MLAs in various Assembly Constituencies of Hyderabad are putting this question: Why did the MIM leadership bow down before the Govt? Will the party which contested 6 seats in Bihar, 38 in UP, two in Tamil Nadu, 24 in Maharashtra will contest again only on 7 seats in the home state?

After facing the allegations of establishing relations with BJP, did the leadership arrange “matching fixing” with the ruling TRS? To support any decision or welcome an announcement made by the Govt. is something different from praising the Govt. Many questions are making rounds in the minds of the public. They are wonderstruck that what are the defects of leadership which have been detected by the Govt. for which it is forced to praise it? If a coalition is made for resolving Muslim issues, there is nothing wrong but here is the case wherein without getting any Muslim issues resolved, Govt. is being praised. This is exactly the style in which courtiers used to praise the king in olden days.

Those who used to target the CM and the Govt. in public meetings and those who used to feel pleased by labeling themselves as “unconquered leaders” and “Tigers” are found themselves to be weak in front of KCR. It is due to the fact that the roots of MIM are getting weaker in the Old City. The impact of the latest defeat in Bihar, UP and Maharashtra are clearly seen in the Assemblies constituencies of the old city.

Even the party cadre is forced to think what is the cause of continuous failure of the leadership? The failure of MIM in Municipal Election of Nanded has cast a deep impression on the electorate of Hyderabad. The leadership had not come out of the shock of the failure of Nanded elections, it got an opportunity in the form of Assembly session.

On the one hand, party president is wandering in the nooks and corners of the Old City to bring people closer to the party, on the other hand, the floor leader of the Assembly is busy in pleasing the CM for his assured success in the General Elections of 2019. Any coalition of a political party with another is forged with mutual consent but here it is one way affair. While targeting Congress party, the floor leader made a forecast that TRS and MIM will again resume power in 2019. For the time being, there were claps in the Assembly but the news channel of TRS telecast this news after dropping MIM. It only reported that TRS would sweep the polls in the next General Elections.

Govt. and party both do not want that the name of any political party is associated with them.

Rumours are making rounds that it could be possible that MIM is bowing down before the TRS since it needs the help of the ruling party in the Nirmal objectionable speech case. In addition to it, the criminal case of Pahelwan family has also reached the High Court. This case may also add to the worries of MIM. Party cadre itself admits that it is not easier to repeat the scenario of the results of 2014.

MLAs are perturbed with such rumours. They are busy in saving their seats instead of doing public service. In 2019 elections, the introduction of voter slip system in voting machines is also disturbing them. In short, the fear of 2019 election forced MIM to bow down before the Govt.

–Siasat News