Nayeem’s threat to CM’s relative cost his life

Hyderabad: People are anxious to know the reasons of Nayeem’s killing in police encounter. Nayeem had attained the status in such a way that he was able to establish contact with police and politicians within few minutes.

Recently, he made a mistake of threatening a contractor for forceful collection of money. This contractor had relations with a minister. He had also threatened an MP not to interfere in land grabbing case. Both these incidents were brought to the notice of the CM. CM was angry and issued instructions to police officials to find out the whereabouts of Nayeem and to stop his illegal activities. Since then intelligence staff intensified the search for Nayeem. In order to escape from police, Nayeem had taken shelter in Alkapuri colony. Wherein, he had accumulated crores of rupees in cash and the documents of many properties. He had also collected weapons in the same house.

–Siasat News