Would love to work with Salim-Suleiman: Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch

New Delhi: Pakistani singer Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch, best known for the title track of Fawad Khan-starrer drama “Humsafar”, says among the Indian musicians, she is a huge fan of composer duo Salim-Suleiman.

When asked an Indian music director she would like to collaborate, Baloch told PTI in an email interview, “I’m such a die-hard Salim-Sulaiman fan! (Also) Jasmine Sandlas and me are contemplating on working on something empowering.”

Sandlas is a young Indian singer-songwriter, who made her Bollywood playback debut with the song “Mainu Yar Na Mile” in superstar Salman Khan’s “Kick”.

Baloch recently released her new single, “Saaiyaan”, presented by Bollywood filmmaker Mohit Suri and EMI Records India.

The song portrays the ordeals faced in romance and the relationship shared between two passionate lovers as they deal with pain that comes with the bitter end of their love.

Talking about the track, Baloch, who is known by her stage name QB, says it seeks to present suffering as a human condition.

“‘Saaiyaan’ is the voice within all of us. The track basically seeks to talk about suffering as a human condition and how it is impossible to eliminate it completely because then how will the change come about.

“This is exactly what ‘Saaiyaan’ depicts, to accept insignificance but what transcends above all is love without any modifications. Sufi Poet Bulleh Shah is one of the most relevant poets of all time and Salman Albert and Asad Chohan knew exactly how to keep the feel alive.”

The 28-year-old singer made her debut with Pakistani single “Ankhian Nu Ren De” in 2011 but she rose to fame with the original sound track of “Humsafar”, which released the same year.

The poignant love song and Baloch’s husky, haunting vocals found fans immediately. The response was same in India when the drama aired here last year.

Baloch, however, says she never expected the track to become popular.

“‘Humsafar’ was my first attempt on a soundtrack and for it to be received with open arms was nothing more than a surprise. It was astonishing to me because it’s a rendition of one of the ghazals Abida Parveen has sung and she herself is more than an inspiration to me.”

The singer says she wants to perform in India for her fans here, though there’s nothing in pipeline yet.

“I am honored by the fans in India. As of now, I have no plans so far but will surely make sure to come to India in the near future.