Naxalism will be rooted out soon: Rajnath Singh

Ranchi: Rooting for complete eradication of Naxalism from the country, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday hoped that Jharkhand becomes the first state to be freed of extremism among other Naxal-affected states.

“Solution to the Maoist problem in Jharkhand will be found,” Singh said, adding that he was convinced of the capability of Jharkhand Jaguar (special force) to root out Naxalism.

Addressing jawans after inaugurating an administrative building, parade ground and other newly constructed buildings here, Singh appreciated the valour of the Jharkhand Jaguar force.

He said that the martyrs not only shed blood for Jharkhand but also for the country. He said even a single incident of killing in the hands of extremists had pained him and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Emphasising that infrastructure should be adequate so that the forces would not face difficulties, Singh regretted that the special infrastructure scheme (SIS) had been stopped two years ago.

He said he had spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in this regard and noted that “they assured him of its revival”.

He said that Maoists were declining continuously in strength and their big groups had no capacity to work. He felt that the focus should be on the splinter groups.

Wondering what ideology the Maoists professed, Singh said while the government intended to work for the poor, the rebels were putting hurdles.

“If anyone is the enemy of the poor and the people, it is the Maoists,” the Home Minister asserted.

The Centre and the state governments are working for the poor to eliminate poverty and develop Jharkhand, but the Maoists are sabotaging it and yet claim they are the “well wishers of the poor”.

Branding Maoists as “anti-democracy and anti-poor”, Singh said, “To help the poor, the Prime Minister is giving free gas cylinder connections but the Maoists are playing with their feelings.”

He asked the Jharkhand government to initiate what he called perception management or establishing communication with the poor.

The minister also lauded the effort of Jharkhand police chief DK Pandey in steering the anti-Naxal campaign and suggested that the state government coordinate with bordering states to surround the rebels.