Met Dept. predicts heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh in coming days

Shimla: The Meteorological department of Himachal Pradesh state today predicted heavy rains in several provinces in the next four to five days.

Parts of Himachal Pradesh received heavy rainfall on Monday as the southwest monsoon intensified in the hilly state.

In the last 12 hours alone, Mandi and Sirmaur districts have received 120 milli-meters and 70 milli-meters of rains respectively.

Director of Meteorological Department, Himachal Pradesh, Manmohan Singh, said that maximum rainfall is expected in five districts.

“In the next four – five days the weather will remain turbulent with non-stop rains expected. Heavy rain is likely in the mid-hills and low hills. Districts Mandi, Kangra, Sirmaur, Bilaspur and Solan are also expected to receive heavy rains,” said Singh.

Southwest monsoon hit the coast of Kerala on June 8.

The monsoon has remained 15 percent lower than average in June, but according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) the deficit is expected to narrow in the days to come.

The weather office forecasts monsoon rains to be above average this year after consecutive droughts ravaged crops and worsened rural distress. (ANI)