Nagam alleges multi-crore fraud in Kalwakurthi LI Scheme

Condemning the functioning of TRS government on irrigation projects, BJP senior leader Nagam Janardhan Reddy today alleged there were irregularities of thousands crore of rupees in Kalwakurthy lift irrigation project in Mahbubnagar district.


Speaking to the media at the State party office here, Nagam said Chief Minister KCR issued a GO 146 constituting a sub-committee to review irrigation projects, including revision of its cost. In the garb of GO, the costs of on-going projects have been increased in the guise of re-designing and contracts were being allotted to those who are sympathisers of the TRS, he alleged. Citing an instance, Nagam said Kalwakurty project’s estimated cost in the beginning was Rs 2990 crore which escalated to Rs 5072.73 crore.


Stating that he was ready to prove irregularities, the BJP leader demanded a CBI inquiry into corruption in Kalwakurthy project. Though projects in the district were completed 80 to 90 per cent, but the government was increasing the cost in thousands crores of rupees just to fill pockets of contractors and its leaders, he alleged. He also demanded rehabilitation of displaced persons of Mallannasagar project. (NSS)