Muzaffarnagar Fact Finding Report

After the 2002 carnage of Gujarat, the strategy of Sangh Parivar has changed. They had worked in small growing town and the effort was to take the violence to the villages.

























A team of 24 activists, journalists, lawyers and students visited several relief camps and villages in Muzaffarnagar, Shamli and Ghaziabad districts of Uttar Pradesh on September 22 – 23 September, 2013.  We met hundreds of victims, scores of relief camp committee members; spoke to people in general on the dhabas and in mohallas. We spoke to policemen on the roads, at various police stations.

All our efforts to meet the Muzaffarnagar DM failed. We called the DM atleast 5-6 times, sent him several sms messages, called his office but he was unavailable. Then Shabnam Hashmi called the Home Secretary, UP Mr RM Srivastava and asked him to help us meet the DM. Home Secretary was extremely rude. He said you go and do your fact finding. When it was mentioned that meeting the authorities and getting the official version was part of the fact finding, he said DM cannot make himself available according to your time. DM is busy in arranging relief and looking after Law and Order. The Home secretary was told that we have been calling him for a couple of days and sent several messages, he could at least respond or his office sends a reply. The home secretary said- I have no time to talk to you, I have other important work and call me in office hours only.  The next in line was Chief Secretary, who never picked up the phone.

It was only much later, while visiting the Lisarh village did we realise that why the administration wants to keep away all „ trouble makers.

There is a lot which the UP police and administration would like to hide and push under the carpet. Unfortunately truth cannot be buried for ever and it has started coming out despite all efforts by majority of the media, barring a few exceptions, to portray a very different version of the situation on the ground.

What we are presenting here is a small glimpse of the reality, it will require at least a month to collect testimonies and study the depth of the tragedy before one can present a comprehensive report.

The present report is the outcome of a visit by a team of 24, intellectuals, social activists, lawyers and media persons. The team had visited riot-hit areas of Uttar Pradesh. It had met the victims, spent time in camps, met local leaders, civil society activists, important persons and political leaders, belonging to both Hindu and Muslim communities. The team extensively video recorded the visuals and horrifying stories as narrated by the victims. The team members recorded the eyewitness heart rendering descriptions extreme violence that the victims had to face. However, the major concern of the team members was to find out what lead to this extreme, intense widespread violence. What were the methods used for creating the hatred among the communities and enlarging the already existing communal fault lines, which led to these barbaric attacks. Which community was on the receiving end of the ferocity that was unleashed. What are the long-term effects of these riots.

Nothing Happens Suddenly

A case is being made out that the recent riots in Western Uttar Pradesh, erupted abruptly and unexpectedly. A minor incident of accident (or eve teasing) sparked the riot and everybody including the, bureaucracy, security agencies, the police structure, political parties and leadership, State and the Central Governments were caught unaware. This report, based on the evidence collected and an account of witnesses recorded, probe this aspect and comes to a conclusion that the stark reality is otherwise. The writing on the wall was loud and clear, preparation for a large-scale violent eruption was on for quite some time. The blue print for organising had been prepared, implemented and tested in Gujarat and Orissa.

Meticulous Planning

In parts of Western Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand, Sangh Parivar has been active for quite some time. In fact it had increased its activities during the past two years. Very large gatherings, RSS camps and procession have been organised in this area during this period. Evidence shows that systematic effort to recruit unemployed youth, especially from Jat community and local goons were being made, successfully, by the various Sangh Parivar outfits. The heightened activity to recruit and communalise the mind could be traced back to 2010. In the seventies and eighties western UP was a hotbed of communal clashes, but these were mostly and urban phenomena. However, this area had not witnessed large-scale riots for quite some time and even after the demolition of Babri Masjid, Sangh Parivar could not mobilise people for large-scale violence.

After the 2002 carnage of Gujarat, the strategy of Sangh Parivar has changed. They had worked in small growing town and the effort was to take the violence to the villages.

It is evident that the preparations for the engineering riots, entered into a new phase about eight months ago. About 10-15 young men were recruited by the Sangh Parivar in each town and village and were deputed to spread hate. Systematic and organised, incidents of eve-teasing had increased many folds. The method was simple, use skull caps to eve tease a Hindu woman and wear Kalawa while eve teasing a Muslim girl in a Burka. The anger against this escalation prepared the grounds for spreading notion of „love jihad by Sangh Parivar in a highly male chauvinistic society, a campaign, which made the two communities suspicious of each other. Every, instance where a Hindu Girl was found talking to a Muslim boy was publicised and seen as an invasion. This method had been successfully used in Gujarat before 2002 carnage.

About eight months back BJP organised a rally, which was led by Umesh Mallik (Candidate MLA, BJP) and Sanjeev Buliyan (a builder), where after delivering hate speeches, Trishuls were distributed. In March 2012, RSS praised Modi and criticized UP BJP for having “the lack of

inspirational leadership” in Uttar Pradesh. This followed by visit of Vinod Jain, a self proclaimed member of „Modi Army who interacted with more than 2 lakh people in UP.

In Lisarh, on June 5, 2012, a 24 year Hindu girl eloped with a 16 year old Muslim boy. The incident was used to increase the communal tension. The communal violence was engineered which resulted in displacement of Muslims and Provential Armed Constabulary had to be deployed. However, the BJP kept the temperature of hate furnace on and organised a Khap Panchayat where hate speeches were made and subsequently Trishules were distributed. The police arrested 15 people for the crimes committed during the violence.

Such incidents continued to be used for organising meeting where hate speeches were made, low potential violence was perpetrated and Muslims were targeted for isolated attacks. For example, beard of Mufti of Jasad was forcibly shaved and Mufti of Dhuledi was dragged out of bus and beaten in broad daylight.

On March 2013, another in consequential incident was converted into an ugly clash. A child set Holika on fire a day before it was destined to be lit. Immediately a Mosque was attacked, the Imam was beaten up, Quraan was burnt. Fearing violence the Muslims ran away leaving their homes. Subsequently, FIR was registered, 30 BJP goons were arrested out of which 3 were booked under NSA. The arrested were henchmen of Hukum Singh, a local MLA of BJP.

The appointed Sangh workers in each village and town kept hunting for incidents that could be used to fuel the furnace of hate. On June 2, 2013 a Hindu girl from Haridwar came to Shamli with a Muslim boy and stayed in a hotel. The BJP vigilante got the news and put the charge that the girl has been raped by Muslim boys. Within no time Hukum Singh and Suresh Rana collected their BJP supporters and a crowed of thousand odd hoodlums surrounded the local police stations. The rampage started, shops of Muslims were looted. Police resorted to lathi charge. In the following month RSS campaign entered into the next phase.

The local leaders of BJP lead by Hukum Singh, Suresh Rana and Bhartendu, started attacking Muslim, men women in markets, on roads and bus stops.  At many places Muslims were dragged out of buses and trains and beaten up. Mosques were attacked. The area of operation/violence was enlarged to Muzaffarnagar and Saharan Pur.

July 2, 2013 was the time when BJP was ready for a bigger mobilisation. A Mahapanchayat was held at RKPG Inter College, Shamli. Four thousand Hindus participated and demanded that all the cases against Hukum Singh, Suresh Rana and Bhartendu should be withdrawn unconditionally.

This is the time when Amit Shah, right hand of Narendra Modi, a major architect of carnage 2002 and an encounter specialist who had been sent to UP for organising riots held a meeting in Lucknow and distribute huge amount of money to fund the riots in Western UP. This meeting among others was attended by Umesh Malik, Sanjeev Baliyan,Hukum Singh, Sangeet Som, Suresh Rana and Kapil Aggarwal.

Umesh Malik went to Baroda, Gujarat one and a half months ago and stayed there for two days. Team could not find out so far about his exact nature of visit and whether he met Amit Shah or Narendra Modi during this visit.

An innocuous incident where an altercation took place between two children at Shah Pur, on 21st August, was converted into full blown communal riot. The police held Umesh Mallik as responsible, he was arrested along with 14 others. 155 persons were booked by the police. The same person, Umesh Mallik along with Sanjeev Baliyan and Hukum Singh, on 24 August, 2013 had engineered a riot at MiranPur.

August 27, 2013 incident has been extensively covered by the media. The testimonies taken from Sachin and Gauravs families (father, uncle, mother, sisters) bore many discrepancies and different versions were given to us of the same incident by different members of the family. However, it should be noted that the initial stories of eve teasing, which were taken as truth by the media proved to be wrong. It was an altercation which turned violent which saw the unfortunate murders of three young lives. Murder of Shahnawaz was followed by murder of Sachin and Gaurav.

The rumour churning RSS-BJP combine came into action and prepared for a large-scale violence. On 3rd and 4th of August, people fearing organise riot, witnessed distribution of provisions among Hindu localities of dayanand nagar and other colonies in Shamli. This was in preparation for the likely curfew that follow a riot. It was reported to CO of Shamli.

The Maha Panchayat of 5th September 2013 was organised by RSS-BJP combine. Vinod Pramukh conducted the proceedings. Baba Harkishan and Baba Sitaram of VHP and Vijendra – a Sangh worker and relative of Sachin and Gaurav were also present there. This panchayat gave a call to attend a panchayat which to be organised on 7th September 2013. People were openly instructed to come armed.

On 6th September 2013 at Khalapar a Muslim congregation, after Namaz was addressed by Qadir Rana (MLA, BSP), Rashid Siddiqui (of SP), Mursalin (MLA, BSP), Shahidul Azam (former Minister, Congress and Maulana Nazeer delivered communal and hate speeches. They gave a call for final war with impunity.

A call on the other side of the communal fence was given for Maha Panchayat. The date had been fixed for September 7, 2013. DGP, UP, who happens to be a close relative of Hukum Singh came to the venue a day before, that is on 6th September. He used an official helicopter of UP government.

Despite prohibitory orders on 28th August 2012 proclaimed by the administration at Nagla Mandor and in the district Shamli, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Ghaziabad and Saharanpur.  about 100 thousand people were allowed to assemble. Many of them were armed as was requested by BJP-RSS combine. The slogans that were used by the coming crowed were highly provocative and communal. For example „Musalmano Ka eik hi sthan, Pakistan ya qabristan (for Muslims there is only one option Pakistan or graveyard), Modi Lao Desh Bachao (Bring NarendraModi Save the Nation), Tumne do Ko mara hai ham sau katwe marenge (you have killed two Hindus we will kill 100 Muslims).

Fearing an attack Muslims started collecting in Madarsa and Mosques.

During the Mahapanchayat, the leaders spitted venom against Muslims. A fake video was used to raise the temperatures. The same was circulated, by the BJP and RSS workers in the form of MMS and CDS. It was uploaded on the social Media as well. Sangeet Som (BJP MLA) was the first to upload the video on his social networking site account. A Muslim Driver Insar r/o Kandhla was killed by the participant of the panchayat.

Soon IBN stinger was killed and the news was flashed. The crowed that was returning was charged with hate and a desire to kill, loot and rape. The rumour mongers of BJP-RSS combine had a field day. For example, it was spread that Hindus returning on tractors were attacked and about 200 were killed brutally and 16 tractors were burnt by Muslims and thrown in the Jolly canal. The team could not meet any one who could narrate eyewitness account, but saw only two tractors, which were burnt.  The other tractors looked old and rusted which were brought to the police station to show the numbers and even the compensation was given to the owners. The FIRs at Police station Bhopa show that actually

there are 7 casualties out of which 3 are Hindus ( Sohanbeer, Ajay, Brijpal)  and 4 are Muslims ( Nazar Mohd Salman, Latafat and Mohd Nazim). It is clear that the mob returning from the Maha Khap Panchayat killed four passer byes who as seen from the FIR are not from the village, which according to the rumours had attacked them. Even the FIRs have not been lodged under the appropriate sections of the laws. A clear bias of the administration and connivance with the Sangh is blatantly visible.

On the same day a car No DL 3C AF 6264, white indica was attacked and the police has done no investigation or is hiding the facts. There are no whereabouts of the persons who were in the car. The posting of the SHO Mr Vijay Singh was done on 18th September 2013, who was transferred from Police Training Centre, Gorakhpur. The timing of the posting is questionable.

The violence and rumours forced people to leave their house and run for safe places. Houses were burnt, people (Mostly Muslims) were killed, women were raped and religious places were attacked. The administration was a mute spectator, during this well-conceived, methodically organised and meticulously executed communal riot.

The attacks were meticulously planned. All villages that were attacked had 5-10% and in some cases fewer than 15% Muslim populations. Most of the Muslims who were attacked were poor barring few exceptions. They belonged to teli, faqir, jogi, lohar, julahe, dhobi communities. There were some who were ansaris and quraishis. Many were farm labourers, brick clin workers. No village where the Muslims were 25-30% or more was attacked.


The communal forces are marching on, trampling the constitution of the country, and the secular for their short-term objectives are either mute or play a defensive politics. Not ready to take the problem of fascist communal agenda head on, the secular are losing grounds inch by inch. Strategically, the RSS parivar is focusing on large-scale dislocation and migration of minorities. The Gujarat experiment has shown that this dislocation gives them long-term political benefits. Using this methodology, the fear psychosis among both the majority community and minority community could be instilled for a much longer duration compared to other methods which they used in the past.

Symptoms of a riot appear much before brutal violence starts. The administration either failed to see the signals or actively connived to let them happen.

Conditions of Camps

After the violence broke out forcing thousands of people to flee to safety and save their and their families lives, the displaced people started moving towards safer towns and kasbas, many to their relatives, many to nowhere finally landing in madarsas and schools which opened their doors to the hapless victims. Close to one lakh people were displaced from September 6-9, 2013. Most of them fled due to serious threats to their lives and many due to fear. Some of them who fled from villages where violence did not take place have returned but most of the displaced are still either in camps, or staying with relatives and in rented houses in small towns. All camps are run by the Muslim community. Only after a week the administration started supplying relief material. In one of the camps the supreme Court Guidelines have been followed fully. In fact the administration does not even have the full knowledge about the guidelines and their duty in case of such a situation. Even today at least 60-70,000 people are displaced and a large number of them cannot return to their village due to the hostile conditions. It could only be a highly insensitive UP officer who could call their fear of not returning as ” temporary jitters” ( TOI, Sept 19, 2013).

Jamia Arabia Zainatul Islam, Camp, Rashid Ali Gate, Loni

People started coming from September 8 to this Madarsa from Dist Bagpat, Shamli and Muzaffarnagar from 15 different villages. Presently there are 800 people. Initially 3500 people came but from last few days they have started leaving the camp. No one is going back to their villages but are moving to other nearby places in search of work, some have rented the house few are going to relatives.

The camp is managed by the committee comprising of Babu Quraishi, Haji Munawwar, Zakir Ali and Rashid.  The camp is run on donations from citizens and the civil society. Govt has not provided any ration.  The total expenditure incurred till Sep 21, 2013 was close to 30 lakhs. Madrasa committee itself setup the camp. They are raising the funds and running the camps on their own. The total approximated expense on running a camp per day is Rs 2 lacs. The money is spent on food, medicines, providing fare and few days expense to people who are leaving the camps, support of Rs 5000 to pregnant women in addition to hospital expenses have been provided.

Apart from looking after the victims the patients in serious condition were sent to private hospitals including Chaudhary Nursing Home.

Govt had provided doctors who visited only two hours a day, they did not have enough medicines. So the committee has deputed private doctors and most of the patients are seen by them. The Nagar Palika also provided 5 toilets and 10 lights. 2 tankers of water, Generator was managed by the committee itself.  Rajeev Gandhi Foundation sent 400 relief packets.

There was no provision of separate space for women for take baths, no tents, no carpets, no provision of transporting patients, no nodal officer, no lady police officer, no provision of filing FIRs in the camp, SSP Gaziabad told that they cannot file FIRs here and it could only be filed in their respective villages. there are large number of victims including sexual assault cases. No district level relief committee has ever visited the camp.

The SSP, Ghaziabad, DM, Ghaziabad and Gorakhnath Yadav CO , Khekhra visited the camp . They have been pressuring the committee to send back the displaced people.

The Madarsa has 250 hostellers and 700 other local students. Due to the place being converted into a relief camp the students are suffering, their studies are suffering.The space is totally cramped up and there are over 30-40 people in one room which is causing illnesses due to unhygienic conditions. There have been 11 deliveries till Sep 21, 2013, there was one serious case and caesarean had to be done.  This has been brought to the administration.  The govt hospitals are not treating the patients.

No immediate relief package, compensation has been provided to the victims.  No security has been arranged.  Extent of loss of their belongings, houses, cattle etc has not been ascertained so far.

The requirement is of at least 1000 small tents. There are large number of delivery cases without much support from the govt, the committee is managing it. Over 2000 children are of school going age whose education is disrupted since the violence began.

Pradhan of Village Budsani, Dist Baghpat had come to request people to return to villages. No incident had happened in that particular village. People ran away out of fear.

Kandla Idgah Camp , Ismail Colony Camp, Mustafabad Camp, Bijli Ghar Camp

There are 8000-9000 victims are staying in this camp. Initially there were 22,000-23,000 people. A large number has moved to their relatives or have taken houses on rent to stay there. People from Elam, Lank, Bahawdi, Fugana, Kutba, Kutbi, Lisarh are in this camp.There are about 500 people in the Ismail camp, 800 in Mustafabad, and 500 in Bijli Ghar camp. All these camps are being managed by the Muslim community.

The total strength of migrants in Kandla had initially reached 34,000 and now reached approximately 25,000.

There is no water supply or toilets provided by the govt.

Madarsa has strength of 100 students and the classes are not being held as the migrants are staying in the Madarsa.

Nagar Palika has supplied one generator,  there are two doctors for 17-18 hrs sent by the govt. Nodal officer is appointed, he visited only once on Sep 19, 2013. There is ambulance also in this camp.

Tent and daris have been provided but the day we visited the camp it was raining heavily and the whole place was flooded with water as the tent is not water proof. All the victims were crowded in small dirty corridors.  Due to the rain it was also chilly with no warm clothes or blankets, not even space for people to lie down or rest on the floor. Most of the women, children could barely find place to sit in the corridor.

Ration started coming from Govt after 7-8 days, which is only 10% of the requirement.  The requirement list has bene given to the ADM.

There are 1000 cases where FIRs are needed to be lodged, there are 6 death cases who have not got compensation and a large number of sexual assault cases, who are in trauma and need counselling and legal help.  Injured have also not got any compensation so far. Extent of loss of their belongings, houses, cattle etc has not been ascertained so far.

DM and SP have assured to provide security to people to help them in returning to their villages.

Approximately 250 people had gone back to Kethal. Pradhan had come to take them and Rankheda CO had also assured security. Those who had gone back to village are being threatened again; they are ridiculed and abused at night.

Complaints from villags Kivana and Sarnavli are also coming. All the people who had returned to nala after assurance from the administration of their security have all returned as it was unsafe for them.

There are more than 50 named accused cases including the gram pradhan of Lisarh Ajit, Baba Harikishan and his sons but no one has been arrested so far.

One Liaqat s/o Haji Maqsood, he was hospitalised in Jagdamba Nursing Home, where they spent approx 60,000, he was later shifted to the Meerut Medical College Hospital by the circle officer. Liaqat one hand and one leg was chopped off.

Shabana d/o Riasat village Bahawadi – pillets were removed from her body in a private hospital as no medical facility was available. Same is the case of Asmin d/ Liaqat who had serious injury had to be shown in a private hospital.

Six cases of death have been reported from Bahawadi but not all cases have come on record.  Some of the FIRs have been lodged but not in all cases.

Dilshad s/o Chajju- 45yrs, Hasina w/o Chajju- 80rs, Ikra d/o Dilshad- 10 yr, Azra d/0 Aas Mohs- 8 yrs, Tajuddin alias dala – 75 yrs, Shakeel dhobi s/o Jameel ahmad – 40 yrs. Two girls, daughters of Qamruddin from Lisarh are missing. Many more are missing.

Danga Peedit Rahat Shivir, Jola

There were 847 families in this camp. Additional 50 familes arrived on September 22, 2013. The displaced are from 38 villages: Lank, Fugana, Bawadi, Lisarh, Kharad, Moh Pur, Kutbi, Kutba, Mullakpur, Kabuli, Majra, Hasan pur, Khatauli, Kheda mastan, Betawada, Doghat, Elam, Karoda, Kheri patti, Biral, Nirpura, Sadroli, Nangal Majra, Midkali, Bhagwanpur, Kudana, Purawa, Rajpur, Muleda, Khedi, Hariya Kheda, Hallan, Jiwana, Kawwal, Kapurthal, Jasoi nangla, Anchaarh

Space and shamiana has been provided by the govt but due to the rain the tent has become unusable.  Two gensets have been provided, two water tanks, two mobile toilets, no cleaning employees, no ambulance.

Rice, wheat, oil, milk is being provided but it is only 50% of the required amount.  In between for two days no ration was provided.  The management committee is making up the requirement by raising funds from individuals and the community.

Nodal officer Alpsankhyak Kalian Adhikari has been appointed. There is no doctor available.

The fodder was provided only once, no wood is provided for fuel.

School going children are 1500 with no education facilities.

The FIRs are being lodged in this camp and one officer for receiving complaints have been appointed.  No financial assistance has been provided. Extent of loss of their belongings, houses, cattle etc has not been ascertained so far.

The camp is managed by Mr Abdul Jabbar, Sajid Ali alias Munna, Haji Jamshed, Master Raees Ahmad.

Shamli Camp

Initially there were 10,000 people. There are 2566 people now. Nodal officer is appointed there, who visited on 13September for one hour.  Doctors visited for two days only. No employees for cleaning. One genset has been provided with diesel. No ambulance or transport has been provided. No security, no financial aid. No tent, utensils, sheets have been provided.

There are 60 hostelers and 325 students. The school is till 8th apart from madarsa education. The studies are disrupted due to the presence of the victims.

Madarsa is managed by Mufti Zakir and camp is being managed by Mohd. Nadeem Siddiqui.

10 serious patients have been privately treated.

200 FIRs have been lodged.  No arrests have been made so far.

Extent of loss of their belongings, houses, cattle etc has not been ascertained so far.

Mallakpura , Khurman Road camp

12,500 people are staying in this camp. The camp is on an open ground far away from the main town.  The camp is not accessible by any public transport.  It is spread over 50 bighas.  The site of the camp is at a low level due to which due to rains it gets flooded and the water seeps into all the tents.

There have been cases of snakes coming out and a scorpio bites, a child died due to the scorpio bite.  A new born child died as there was no ambulance and by the time the woman could be taken to hospital it was too late.

There have been 30 deliveries in the pathetic conditions of the camp. There is no security provided, victims themselves keep a vigil at night by turns. There are no mobile toilets, tents have not been provided by govt, no water supply. Extent of loss of their belongings, houses, cattle etc has not been ascertained so far.

The committee running the camp has provided temporary polythene tents and provided handpumps. The ration provided is highly inadequate.

A nodal officer has been appointed but he does not visit the camp.  No provision for lodging FIRs is there. Doctors have been provided.  DM is pressurising the victims to vacate the camp as it is on Govt land.

Loi Camp

Approximately 10,000 people are staying here.

Camp is on farmland of the locals. It is also situated on lower level as result water seeped into the polythene tents. Govt has not provided tents, carpets and other facilities. Three children and one woman have died during delivery. Extremely unhygienic conditions prevail in the camp. Extent of loss of their belongings, houses, cattle etc has not been ascertained so far.

There is no security, no nodal officer. It is at a distance of 3kms but the area is highly unsafe, roads are in pathetic condition with big pits so no one can reach the police station.  No medical facility is provided.

DM visited once and ensured ration. Ration supplied by Govt covers only 20% actual requirement. And milk supply is not even 5% of the required quantity.

Management committee has been implicated in false cases by the police so that the camp is forced to wind up.


The team met a large number of people in various camps and villages and recorded testimonies of video. We are presenting here only a few testimonies.

Salim, Labourer, Bam Doli, Dist Bagpat

At around 9:30 in the night Jats attacked our house. There were about 15-20 people. 3 persons were from the village- Amit/Sonu/Ankit.

Village has 10 % Muslim population. They were carrying pistols, swords, dagger, (Tabal/halse). Most of them had covered their faces with cloth.

We are being taunted and are not allowed to enter the village.

My mother was killed; two cousin brothers Sameer and Sahils hand and legs were cut off.

Village people are not letting us file a complaint. We have been told that we have to go back to our village and file Fir in the local thana. We are too scared to go there.

Attackers were shouting “ har har Mahadev”

Abdul Rehman, Lisarh

Pradhan Ajeet (alias Kala) was leading the mob. After looting about 300 houses were torched. 4 mosques were also attacked. .

Haji Sirajuddin and his wife were killed, Umaruddin and his wife were killed, Karimuddin, Nabbu Dhobhi and his wife were killed,

Kamaluddins 2 young daughters are missing. (they belong to Zulahe community)

Yameens wife raped

Disturbances started from 7th afternoon.

Rehana, Lank

Population of 400-500 Muslims disbursed in the village.

Jat majority. Total population of 15000.

We heard that some riot has happened in another village. We immediately started leaving the house when our jat neighbour stopped us and assured us that dont leave and we will save you but even then we left for Shamli. Only 4 persons were left behind out of which 3 were killed. We got to know from phone. First they them with (saria) and then burnt to death. Mother In law was burnt to death, Grandfathers neck was cut and then burnt to death. Father in law went there with Police and collected the bodies.

They also found 3 burnt bodies there.

Waheed Dhobi & his wife

Iqbals son

One unidentified

All houses were looted and then torched.

2 bodies were found from the well in pieces.

We will not go back to our villages. Neither are we left with home nor the animals. If we will go back they will kill us too.

Zaka ur Rehman, Lisarh

Hari Kishen had organised Panchayat on 5th Sept in Lisaad Inter College. Thousands of people attended it. People were asked to come for Mandla Nagaur Mahapanchayat on 7th.

On the evening of 6th Chahi attached Manzoor with knife. FIR is also lodged against him. We heard slogans like “ Muslim ya tho Pakistan jao ya Qabristan”. On the evening of 7th, 13 more people were killed.

People involved: Harikishen Pradhan, Ajeet Singh (alias Kala), Bholu Son of Krishpal, Sompal, Devsingh, Rampal, Madan, Ankit (son of Madan).

They were looting the houses and after pouring kerosene into the house they use to torch them. They destroyed Masjids in the area.

Ration Distributor provided Kerosene to these people.

Around 5th June, a Muslim boy eloped with Hindu girl. At that time also the whole atmosphere became much tensed. PAC was called. At that time also People had fled the village. After one month of this incident when we returned to our village we saw many VHP people there. Trishuls and Talwars were also distributed.

Slogan: “Muslim ne ek ladki bhagai tum 5 bhagao”

Hari Kishen Mallik and his son Rajender hosted VHP people in the village. Azaan in Masjid was stopped for about one month. It re started in the period of Ramzan.

Tableegi Jamat people were also beaten up.

We cannot go back. Even people from Administration feared to enter the village.

Attackers had covered their face with cloth.

Aabid, Lank

There was tension brewing up in Lank.  Billu Pradhan declared that any one who helps Muslims will also be killed. There was an atmosphere of fear. We had started leaving one by one; we went into the fields, hid there and then managed to reach a relatives place after 5 days of living in a mosque. My uncle called the police at 6am but they didnt come. Before my mother, uncle and grand father could escape they were killed. They were not giving dead bodies, and then with the help of the military we could get the dead bodies.

Sarvari, Lisarh

Father in law died. He was in Masjid when he was cut into pieces. We were attacked on the night of 7th.

Kishan Kerosne dealer and Shravan Kerosene dealer provided the Kerosene to the attackers.

After June incident about 2000 people had fled the village. Girls family had burnt the boys house. At that time Sangeet Som, Pankaj Mallik and Harinder Mallik had with VHP distributed 260 swords.

Baba Harikishen had called panchayat on 5th in Lisarh. There only this decision was taken to throw the Muslims out of the village. Kandhla SHO supported them.

Calls were made to SHO Fugana, Shahpur for help but they replied Force is not available. SHO of Thana Fuganahad given a statement “ab Muslim SP chala gaya hai ab dadi katwakar topi jeb mein rakh lo”

Zarina, Fugana

They burnt our house. They had weapons- swords and trishuls, tabals, My three daughters were hit by tabal. They destroyed everything. I have nothing left, all our clothes, utensils, charpais everything. We ran in only the clothes that we were wearing. We asked the pradhan to save us and give us shelter, he refused. There are 40 people missing. We dont know where they are.

Shabana, 27yrs, Loni Camp

I come from Kandla village and we are 12 family members, we work in the fields. . There was tension mounting in the village but our Hindu neighbours gave us assurance that nothing will happen to us but people started coming from outside and mob started gathering in the village temple. There was slogan shouting, we couldnt clearly hear the words but the atmosphere was very frightening. All the Muslim families decided to move out to safer places and we left the village before the violence started. We are very frightened and dont want go back with children in the village. For generation we lived peacefully in the village. This has never happened before said Shabana.

Zareena Khatun

On Sept. 7, when the violence started I hid with my family in a relatives house until the Indian army arrived and took us out. My husband had gone out in the morning and he didnt return. Eight people died in my village. When my son, Sajid was called by the police I knew he has been asked to identify the body of his father.


I went to the hospital and had to pull the body of my dead father out of a lot of other bodies which were lying on top of each other. His head was injured with a sharp weapon and he had sharp wounds on his neck. He was slashed from ear to ear but I havent told my mother that.

Abdul, 36yrs, village Gundal, Loni camp

I am a mason and we  lived in Gundal village. I have four children- three daughters and one son and my wife is Fatima. People started gathering at the panchayat after Kawal incidence In these gatherings few unknown outside people also joined and after meeting tension mounted in the village. During the meeting people started slogan shouting. We felt unsafe, the atmosphere was getting very scary and we did not feel safe in those conditions. I left he home with my wife and children and hid in the bushes.   After an hour mob started roaming in the village with swords and destroying properties of Muslims. Mob reached our house. They looked for us but were hiding in the bushes, so they could not see us. After they ransacked our house and set fire in the house with diesel. After watching this from the bushes we ran for almost 7 kilometers to safety.    We reached here on September 9th . We are very scared and dont want to go back.

Ashgar Ali, 53yrs, village Bawadi, Loni camp

I am a small farmer and live with 8 members of my family in Bawadi village. On 7th Sept.2013 in the evening, people started gathering in village temple. They were shouting slogans and saying kill the Muslims. But our neighbours were very good and they told us not be afraid and we continued to stay back. My younger brother Ilyas ran away from the village. He also asked me to leave the place with family but I refused. At around 8.30 mob started moving in the village and became violent. They were targeting Muslim families. At this point our neighbour also told us that they might not be able to save them so they should leave.  I told my family members to run and take shelter in the fields. As they came out the mob saw me, they caught me and started beating me up. It was a dark night. People were shouting slogans. The mob set fire to my house, Billu Pradhan was leading the Hindu mob. Somehow I manged to escape due to dark night an dtheir attention being diverted to burning of the

house. I was badly injured but managed to run away and then with my family we ran and walked whole night to save our lives. I dont have money for operation and treatment. I have seen all the attackers but if I give their names they will kill me and my family.

Abduls son asked us if the mob and come and attack them in the camp? He was badly traumatised.

Riyasat Ali

I am from Bawadi. I am from julaha community. Tension was building up in our village but somehow we had hope that nothing will happen to us. On September 8 our house was attacked. I hid inside a storage loft inside the house when our house was surrounded. I could see everything from where I was hiding. I saw my brother being attacked. They cut my brothers feet at the ankle with swords. They attacked my 18 year old niece and shot her at the back.  They killed my neighbour. I know the names of the attackers. I was saved when army came.

Names Withheld, village Lisarh- testimony of two women

Harkrishans son Gajender and other goons surrounded me and raised slogans like “in musalano ko yaha se nikalo”. Then another man from the village,  Rajkumar said that  he wont let any harm come to them. Hed guard them but he fled the spot and then we got the information that the mosque was burnt. After listening to this we fled from the village. We came near the canal. I had an infant in her arms. While running my son fell into the canal and was drowned.

After this Krishan Chandson Subhash , Elam Chands son Sarvan and many others chased us. While running we called the Pradhan. The Pradhan told us  that he wont help us and would help his Jat brothers instead.  We called the police SO, he didnt answer. Then another boy, Dawood from our community called another police officer, he also told him that he would help the Jat not the Muslims. Dawood is in Kairana now. He also got injured.

While we were running from the goons we were caught and raped us. They were more 8-10 goons. We were gang raped. Somehow we managed to escape from there and called the Chairman who rescued them.  Now we appeal to the government to help us and come to the rescue. We cannot and will not go back to the village. We have been raped, our houses burnt, we will never feel safe again.

Krishan dealer set our houses ablaze and also provided oil to the others. Raju Ankit also murdered people and burnt their body.

There were four other girls with us who were also raped by them and they are still missing.

Name Withheld

I lived in Lisarh. I was going on the motorcycle with my grandfather.  We were stopped by four men: Pawar, Ajit and other two I don’t know.   I was taken to the fileds and there four others were also waiting. They kept me captive there for almost six hours and continuously gangraped me.  I was rescued by the Chairman of Kandla camp who took me to the camp. There were four others girls who are missing. My Father, Mother  and other family members are safe in the camp. I don’t want to go back to my village even if I am given security. Our houses are burnt , nothing is left. I  want to stay in the camp because we feel safe here.

Killings and Sexual Assault Cases

As a team of 24 everyone put together we must have spoken to thousands of victims, men, women, children of all ages and the stories that we shared with each other at night were chilling. It is impossible to make any guesses at this moment of the number of dead and the number of missing.

There are no lists available which can indicate the exact numbers. People say once the sugarcane harvest is cut we might discover more bodies. Families fleeing for safety left behind children, old parents, mothers, fathers. There are stories of burnings, burials cremations of the burnt bodies without informing families. Families which know that their dear one was killed have not been able to locate the bodies so far. The misery and desperation is endless and tears not enough.

We were told by a number of victims including women that aara machine was used to cut people and they were thrown in the burning pyre of wood in Lisarh village.

Lisarh still haunts. Over 100 houses have been reduced to ashes. It was very evident that they were ready to receive us with hostility as the police had informed them about our arrival and since we managed to get the army escort they had no way of stopping us. The electricity was cut off the moment we entered. It took 30 years of experience to bring them around and start a conversation. We managed to see a few burnt houses out of 100 odd, totally gutted and destroyed. Many houses of the julaha community had big power looms which were also gutted. The narrow lanes do not allow any escape route except for some houses which are at the back and from where people ran to the sugarcane fields to save themselves. The stench is nauseating and a grave reminder of Gujarat 2002.

Local police miserably failed to provide police protection. In the presence of police personal in village Lisarh 14 persons were killed and all the homes of the Muslims were set ablaze, same was the situation in village Lank where in the presence of police 60 percent homes have been burnt and 5 persons have been killed in broad day light in the presence of the police of the local police station Fugana.

We were told Hukum Singh„s henchmen Maharaj Singh s/o Bhim Singh and Sudhir @ billu Pradhan in the village Lank were instrumental in leading the mob who killed large number of persons, like wise in village Lisarh where a panchayat was organized under the leadership of Harikishan and his two son Rajender Malik who commanded and incited the public who killed 14 persons.

Naresh Tikait Resident of village Siauali gave inflammatory speeches which ignited the violent mob to commit large scale manslaughter.

The mobs set ablaze religious place, several shops and vehicles in Village Lank (1Mosque) Village Lisarh (three Mosque) Village Bahawadi (1 Masjid) village Sambhalkha (one mosque) and many more.

We were followed, watched, shadowed, and threatened through out the period that we were in the two districts.

It is also almost impossible to count the number of gang rapes which have taken place. Unconfirmed reports claim the number of rapes to be anywhere close to three digits.

In all the camps and villages that we visited we heard stories of women and girls being gang raped, including minor girl and old women. Most of the girls and women were dragged away when they were running to save their lives, some even taken out of their homes. Horror stories of three girls being kept captive in Lisarh for three days where they were stripped naked, made to dance and gang raped by over ten men for three days. The girls are still missing. A womans three daughters were gang raped in front of her, by about 10 attackers.

A sixteen year old girl survived after gang raped as the security forces arrived and the rapists ran away. Two daughters of Nasiruddin from Lank are still missing.

We were told that a 60 yr old woman was burnt alive when she was trying to run away saving her grandchild, who was also charred to death and clung to her body.

We were told a dead body was found in Lank among the fields.

Two daughters of Islam Pumba, who were college going, were held captive at a tube-well by Nippal and many others for over a week, they were rescued three days back.

Stories of rapes are heard from Lank, Lisarh, Bahawadi, Phugana Mohammadpur, Shamli , other small villages of Muzaffarnagar and  Shamli.  It is important to note that the distance between the police station and Lisarh and Lank is less than 2kms.

In a highly patriarchal society there is no mechanism to deal with the victims trauma. The „family honour and „community honour is being invoked to justify the non –reporting of the cases in a situation where the administration is as it is biased and looks at victims with contempt. This behavior of the police and administration against the victims, lack of any trauma counseling either for the victims and their families, the bogey of preserving „honour, lack of any legal support system there are hardly any hopes of any cases being filed and fought.

List of those killed in village Lisarh on 8.9.2013

1. Sirajuddin and his wife

2. Bhutto family consisting of 7 members (jiwan dhobi, wife of jeewan dhobi, son of jeewan dhobi, and two grandsons of jeewan dhobi)

3. Manjura

4. Nabbu dhobi

5. Karmu lohar and his wife

6. Bati lohar

14 persons in a single day have been killed apart from many other injured.

List of those killed in village Lank on 8.9.2013

1. Mehardeen telli patti mogha

2. Tahir son of ganja waheed

3. Daughter in law of Ganja Waheed

4. One more son of Ganja Waheed

5. Yameen Dhobi – burnt alive

6. Abloo Lohar Sanni Wala, Patti bhitarwal Sanni wala

7. Kasim doom s/o jeewan doom patti mogha

8. Nasru dhobi- burnt alive

9. one womans body and her son were recovered on sept 9th

5  persons killed in village Fugana on 8.9.2013

List of those killed in village Kharad Police Station Fugana till 9.9.2013

Sagir Manhar

Four people were killed in Village Kutba on 8.9.2013

List of killed in Village Bajeetpur on 8.9.2013

1. Grandson of Yameen

2. Iqbal dhobi


List of killed in Village Kurmali on 9.9.2013

Hafiz Saheb Qari Umar Daraz

Hadoli – Masjid is burnt.

List of killed in village Hadauli

Jumma son of Deenu

He was burnt alive in the mosque and mosque is ransacked.

List of killed in Village Bahawadi

Dilshad s/o Chajju- 45yrs,

Hasina w/o Chajju- 80rs,

Ikra d/o Dilshad- 10 yr,

Azra d/0 Aas Mohs- 8 yrs,

Tajuddin alias dala – 75 yrs,

Shakeel dhobi s/o Jameel ahmad – 40 yrs.

Name of the culprits involved in rioting and killing at Village Lank, as informed by families of those who have been killed and injured:

1. Chaman s/o Sohan

2. Nippal Son of Master Randhir Patti Sudhanm

3. Sudhir @ Biullu Pradhan

4. Maharaj Singh Son of Bhim Singh

5. Raj Singh son of Bhim Singh

6. Sachin son of Sahab singh fauji patti Mogha

7. Sahab Singh Jauji patti mogha

8. Bablu son of sohandar

9. Deepak son of Master Jaswant

10. Rahul Malik son of Rajbeer patti salan

11. Veerpal nai ka bhateeja ,, name not known

12. Son od Doctor Sukhdev @ Kala Doctor and Grand son of mangi lal patti mogha

13. Chirag son of rampal girolia

14. Son of doctor shiv kumar  and many more can be unearthed on investigation.

15. Dharampal Jheewar

16. Shaukinder Pradhan close associate of Hukum Singh

17. Dheeraj Son of Bhopal

18. Gandhi son of Master Satyapal.

19. Rajsingh son of Bhim Singh

20. Bharat son of Bhonda and grandson of former pradhan Mehar Singh

21. Bhonda son of Mehar Singh

22. Navbharat son of Ompal patti Salan

23. Kapil son of Ompal Sachiv Patti Salan

24. (name not known) Son of Doctor Narender Pandit

25. Vinod @ Mangi Joggi ka Jamai (name not known)

26. Kothey wali Ladka Totla

Many more would be unearthed during investigation.

All these persons are instigated by Maharaj Sigh and led by Sudhir @ Billu Pradhan they are close aide of Hukum Singh a local leader of the BJP and instrumental in funding the rioting, killing and arsoning. Large scale weapons were hidden in the house of Brihampal Joggi and supplied by Billu Pradhan and Maharaj Singh

Name of the culprits involved in rioting and killing at village Lisarh the incident informed by families of those who have been killed and injured:

1. Baba Hari kishan who led the mob instigated the larger community and responsible of rioting in the village, he did panchayat and issued dictate to kill Muslim community.

2. Rajender Malik son of  Baba Harikishan

3. Neeto Fauji son of Rattan Singh

4. Bijender Malik son Baba Hari Kishan

5. Seetu son of Satya Prakash

6. Satya Prakash son of Ghasi

7. Neetu son Nawab Koda

8. Amit son of kishan (sonar)

9. Vikas son of sukhjpal

10. Minda son of sukhpal

11. Manish son of swaraj

12. Chander son of member

13. Bittu son attar singh

14. Sukka son of bhora

15. Anju

16. Kapil son of satender fauji

17. Surrender bab son of khubbi

18. Anuj son of chander

19. Beenu  son of sahnu

20. Sandeep son of jeewan

21. Tosi son of mahender

22. Monu son of bijender fauji

23. Surrender @ kala son mangi ka

24. Bablu son of shyam

25. Rishipal son bodeka

26. Surerder son of Chahi

27. Ankush son of Satbeer

28. Many more would be unearthed during investigation.

Slogans and Comments

1. Musalman ka ek hi sthan Kabristan ya Pakistan.

2. Soni soni ladkiyon ke sindur bhar denge, aur bakiyon ko kaat denge

3. Modi ko lana hai godhra banana hai

4. desh, bahu aur gai ko bachana hai toh Narendra Modi ko lana hai

5. Modi Lao Desh Bachao

6. Tumne do Ko mara hai ham sau katwe marenge

Role of Administration

1. The administration, the state intelligence either totally failed to see and assess the danger signals of the communalisation process which were going on and were  visible for the past 8-9 months or connived with the Sangh to let the hatred spread.

2. Despite the deployment of the armed forces the SHO Fugana and SHO Bhorakala didnt deploy the armed forces in the largely affected villages where casualties are large in number and still uncertain and number of people are still missing

3. The deployment of the army was made redundant by the local SO in respective police station because the deployment to affected areas was to be done by SO and they did not send the army at the right time.

4. The operator of the SSP was attending the official number of the SSP and all SOS but did not take any action for 48 hours.

5. When SHO Fugana, SHO Bhorakala, SSP didnt respond then Commissioner for Saharanpur range proceeded for the village with army and rescued the people. He rescued more than 2000 people.

6. Most of the registered FIRs are by name but still most of the accused are roaming free.

7. Ajit Pradhan of village Lisarh was moving with the police though he has been named in approximately 20 FIRs.

8. Most of the police personnel posted at these police stations were from the Jat community who connived with the rioters.

9. Adequate police arrangements were not done to handle any of the situations which were developing for the past eight to nine months.

10. Despite the fact that boys were being recruited in villages to create mayhem and spread rumours no steps were taken to curb that.

11. The police refused to respond even though the telephones were made to them from early morning on the date of the incident.

12. Many of the policemen were highly partisan in their actions.

13. The SHO, Fugana, who accompanied us along with CRPF escort to Lisarh village on September 22 was heard telling the Pradhan: “ inhen pani pilane ki koyee zaroorat nahin hai, escort aur de diya inko roz roz muhn utha kar chale ayenge . Later when a local was giving us some details, he caught him and putting light in his eyes said „ bahut bada vakil bana phirta hai, bahut zubaan aa gayee hai, gaon main tu hi sayana bacha hai kya. Sab vakalat dhari ki dhari reh jayegi teri

14. Many victims reported that the policemen told them they will not save them as they are Muslims.

15. National Emergency Response team has not responded so far.

16. Relief and ex gratia compensation has not been implemented by the administration. Almost no relief measures have been undertaken by the administration.

17. People posted in local police stations is highly biased against Muslims and as a result the cases are not being lodged.


Demands and Recommendations

1. A time bound CBI enquiry into the incidents and developments leading to the Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Baghpat, Ghaziabad, Meerut riots.

2. Arrests of all those already named in FIRs and others involved.

3. Filing of all pending cases with immediate effect

4. Immediate compilation of the list of the dead and missing persons and release of the list

5. Compliance of Supreme Court guidelines on relief measures with immediate effect

6. Immediate survey to be done to do an assessment of the losses of their property, belongings and live stock.

7. Police desks, free legal aid, trauma counselling, nodal officers, doctors and gynaecologists, paediatricians  to be posted immediately at all relief camps

8. Provisions for women specific needs to be done urgently at the camps especially for pregnant women and women with small children and new born babies.

9. Opening of anganwadi centres, arrangements for childrens education, direction to be given to different schools to accommodate riot affected students in different states. .

10. Provision of security both at the camps as well as for the people who can go back to their homes where the conditions are not hostile and without compromising their dignity.

11. Formation of village and town level peace committees without putting any pre-conditions of non filing of cases or withdrawl of cases already filed

12. Provision of immediate trauma counselling for women and children especially for victims of sexual assault

13. Sensitisation programme for the police personnel

14. Curbing of all anti-constitutional, communal activities, identification of miscreants recruited by the Sangh for spreading hatred

15. Relief and Rehabilitation package

16. Erection of tents of durable quality through the help of the army.

17. Setting up of a high powered committee with social scientists, social activists and retired supreme court judges to study the communal situation in UP and recommend steps within three months to stop the spreading of this venom any further.

18. Civil society, humanitarian agencies, women groups, legal networks to step in immediately to support the victims.

19. Directives to SSP and DMs to ensure the safety and security of the civil society, media personnel, humanitarian other groups.